Four Cyclon Modded FHZ for $80 shipped, DEAL OF THE WEEK!

$80 shipped will get you all these FHZs

Cyclon Modded Large Bearing EYYC FHZ MINT.

Cyclon Modded Large Bearing FHZ Trans Black with Trans Blue Caps, MINT

Cyclon Modded Large Bearing FHZ custom painted with holographic strips looks amazing in sunlight. Has slight vibe nothing serious

Cyclon Modded Small Bearing Dual Silicone, custom painted by me, and satined, awesome looking throw.

How much for each?

Did you by any change get the pictures wrong? Cause I don’t know how any of these yoyos are FHZ’s lol. Good luck with selling your yoyos Brent!

-James Reed

yeah I had pm’d him about that ;D…gladly take em for 80 though lol

They’re obviously just well modded.


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