Buddy Jim's FHZ!!!!!!


I’m love’n the way these colors came out!!! Schmoove rings and fresh sili…its what’s for dinner.


That…looks… AWESOME!!! ;D

(DanielBG) #3

WOW this is so cool!


It looks like things got a little melty on the half with the axle.


Actually no, but it does look odd in the pic. Its fine though. I may have gone deeper than normal, that’s probably why.


If that’s the case this qualifies as being a good job.




I thought I commented on this…
Well it looks hot!


Ew UF colors.

Great job as always.


:open_mouth: too nice to give to buddy jim…auction it off :stuck_out_tongue: jk jk


Good work as always

Buddy Jim must feel good for having such a nice FHZ


I have 2 more that need some paint love so if you want one let me know.  ;D


This yoyo is SO AWESOME. Mike you do amazing work, and I love how my strings plays on this little number.


That one of my strings there bub, LOL!!! I can’t give you back one of yours :smiley: