"BC" Official Mods and Paint Thread. UPDATED 3/8/13 PGM restore and strip!

I am a budding modder I can do lots of things, but I’m best at painting yoyos :smiley: if you like what you see we can work something out.I AM NOW PAINTING YOYOS FOR A SMALL SUM: Splash: 50 cents, gets a splash and a clear coat. Speckle is more because Spray Paint isn’t cheap :). 1.00 a yoyo. Also gets a clear coat. I’m afraid if I offer up certain mods I might break your yoyo :o!

Here are some old ones, new ones on last few pages!.

Thats All Ive Done for now.

That’s really cool looking, man! Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:

Thanks ;)!

Please leave Feedback ;). Really want to know if it looks good or if it’s a amateurs job. :slight_smile:

they all look pretty pro to me;)! The green one especially looks professionally done.

That paint will chip off extremely easily unless you put a clear coat over the top.


No offense, looks sorta amateur-ish…Cause the paint is just another layer and has a raised texture, so it is bumpy.

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On translucent yoyos (and especially clear ones), just paint the inside of the yoyo instead of the outside. Your paint job will be protected and you won’t have any texture issues.

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I threw it on with a paint brush, so I could not control it ;). So far it’s pretty firm and chip-less. No bumps here it’s pretty smooth. I only got a little on the outside. And I tried the drill/dremel method, nothing but a coat of black paint, I washed it off quickly.

And tips other than paint the inside? And I have no caps, these yoyo’s were free.

What can I use for a clear coat?

A clear poly will work. The auto parts store also sells clear coat in small spray cans.

Thanks! What’s your opinion on the yoyo’s?

I think they look good - for a splash.
(I’m not a fan of splash finishes.)

Everyone has their personal opinions ;). What finish do you prefer?

Ok, I’m going to Speckle my PGM and maybe my panda. Pics later today :).


Here they are, Not my best. My paint was mest up. D:

Ok im back with a new painted PGM. Needs a clear coat which I will add later today. Featuring “yoyoexpertman54’s Home made plastic yoyo stand :).” It is also not done, I’m going to add a splash or splatter before the clear coat.

Ok, Opinions? Also I’m taking a poll on wether I should Splatter paint it with White Dark blue (navy) or Grey/silver.

Or I can buy some paint like my other jobs, and splash it. Color opinions?

Or keep it black? You guys POLL!

nice stand looks good

I know, thanks so much for it and the WYYW looper :). What do you think I should put over it? Silver Speckle or Navy speckle or White speckle or keep it the way it is?

Also a new mod. Just had a screwdriver sharpened and dug a recess in my panda. Silicone drying. Pics in 2 days :).