Bcmaddog paint thread, get a yoyo painted! SNEAK PEAK FOR NEXT PAINT JOB!


Okay everyone, I have decided now that I am slowly getting feedback that I would start a yoyo painting service.

I enjoy it, unlike string making, so it is a lot easier for me.

First pictures

Here is a Trans green Duncan Dragonfly with black splash and a clear coat>

A YYF ONE Orange with Dark Blue Speckle:

My best work of art, a YYF PGM Painted Black, then added a White snowy speckle: http://i1296.photobucket.com/albums/ag2/Bcmaddog/802B7CB0-CB05-4504-9BF4-B11779518703-10232-0000067EF600EF7C_zps474c03c5.jpghttp://i1296.photobucket.com/albums/ag2/Bcmaddog/B24D4FB2-3364-4B44-BAC8-2FC5C6FB7225-10232-0000067EFB551A3A_zpsfe523ded.jpghttp://i1296.photobucket.com/albums/ag2/Bcmaddog/C4B541FD-15F2-476C-BF83-B22FFAFB8FC9-10232-0000067EF0C8345C_zpsf65333ff.jpg

I have painted some others, but they weren’t very good. But the practice on those made these good :).


My paint works on metal, wood, and plastic!!

The Speckles are un feel able, the splash is a slightly raised texture.

The speckle can be done all over, but the splash should only be done on the inside.

Prices vary<

Full solid re color (like the PGM was made black)


A Speckle can be slight speckle or lots of speckle


A splash 10.00

Xbox Controller 12.00

3.00 for a whatever the go big is… Lines that shoot out the inside…

Various item varies price PM me

The clear coat is included…


The way the shipping works.

You put the yoyo of choice in package, include a envelope with the price the yoyo will cost to be painted, and either a Pre Paid return stamp, or the cash it cost to ship to me.

If I mess up the yoyo, I will strip the paint and re do it.

Anything I didn’t cover please PM me.


What paint are you using? Want to experiment? https://www.dipyourcar.com/home.php


The one and pgm are amazing! If i get a plastic and want it painted, ill let ya know :wink:


Okay :)!!


when you say replace does that mean if I send you a chief and you mess up you would get me a new chief?


First off, I don’t know how my paint does against metal or Delrin.

I need to fix that, I wouldn’t need to replace, I can just take the paint off and do it again…

No, I would just fix it.

BUT!!! If I replace it I keep the one I messed up :).


If your offering services and bumping then it should be in the best!

I offer services and don’t bump in this section. I know others that do the same.


Charge more than a dollar for painting a yoyo. You can at least charge $5 for a splash+clear coat.


I will raise it once people buy it…


This isn’t a yoyo, but your yoyo can look the same. (Or Xbox controller ;))

This was originally black, speckled with Silver White and then some more black. Has a clear coat and works perfectly.

iPod has a stinky flash…



O yeah,

I can paint just about anything you want, so if you want your yoyo parts case or case to be painted i do that, I can paint just about any electronic, not all, like a Xbox, Xbox controller, phone, click, or radio.

But you have to send me just the plastic parts, so it’s probably not worth it.


I will also do Nerf Guns.


Yes - if you’re offering services, post it in the BST.


What about Dingo54s thread?


Im bad, I do what I want.


ok - caught me.
Just quit bumping all the time.
We’ll have to take this under advisement of the High Council.




Very interesting stuff you got here, by any chance could you take a picture of the Black and White snowy speckle spinning?


The PGM.

You sir, are very lucky. I ended up stripping off the snowy speckle. I was nuts to do it and now if looks horrible. But I actually took a pic.

Not a very good one…

These are the 3 I took.

I can get pics off all the rest spinning if requested…


Another thing to keep in mind when you look at these. I didn’t know that when you add a clear coat, the color fades. So the PGM after clear coat was added faded some.

But I know what to do know to not make it fade…


Looks exactly how I expected which is good, I might send you out a yoyo to test soon if you would like, to see how it works on metal it’s a cheap throw so if it gets messed up bad it’s fine. I’ll pm you soon.


Okay, I’ll PM you pics of my paint…