Painting yoyos!!

All you have to do is send me a pm and we will discuss what color/colors they want me to paint it  I will paint yoyos for $8 plus shipping, each your choice of color/colors and we will go from there! Here are some pictures of the work I’ve done already!

Shoot me a PM!

Spidey yoyo links!

Black Widow!

First three people are free!! You just have to ship it to me!!

can’t see any pictures. tim

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Can you see them now?

One spot is filled! Only 2 more left!!

I could volunteer a metal drifter to be painted up.

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1 spot left!!! Hurry and grab it while you still can!!

I would like my PSG to be painted.

hmmm never painted a plastic before i dont know if it will look the same as it does on metal, it wont be as shiney… PM me

All spots taken! It is now $5 plus shipping!!!

Back from vacation bump! $5 plus shipping now!

One off:(

how does the paint job affect the grinding ability?

yes i have already informed him please do not post in the thread you might get me in trouble :slight_smile:

Raising prices soon get it cheap while you can!

BUMPing up prices soon

My Spidey senses are tingling :slight_smile: this thing looks sooooo good!

one thread per member on the BST, warning you before an admin takes it down or combines them.