The Captain Paints! Black.yellow 888 page 2 9/17

The Tribe Peak:

Liz’s Avalanche:

Glowing Stardust:

KD’s E1ns:

Superman Skyychaser:

Swamp Code 1:

Snow dusted Gnarwhal:

Sahara Sunrise 54:


Thank you!

Dude that’s amazing! How much would you charge to do my campfire?

usually base cost is 100 through my website. Right now I will do it for 70$ or a trade for a yoyo and 20$

Wow those are all really cool. Love the Gnarwhal!

people have been asking me if my painted yoyos still grind… yes they do

Hehe. I wanted to make sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw that gnarwhal and peak are sexy. Im just sad i dont have an extra 130 dollar lying around for that peak

Swatnoodles Beauty!

Go indians baby! ;D

They need to get out of this funk they are in right now!

Yea they do :-\

I present you the Bikini Bottom Crucial!

Which of these yoyos are still for trade? because I might be interested in trading for one.

There all sold.

And of lot of these are just for customers getting there yoyos painted.

I can paint one of yours if you contact me through pm

The Holographic BvM

The Pink Beast!

They are all incredible. But I have to say my favorites are the Snow Dusted Gnarwhal, and the Bikini Bottom Crucial

sooo excited, getting my lio painted, im sure he’ll have pics as soon as it’s finished


LIO! My personal Favorite so far! THanks Maxn93 for letting me go a little crazy with it!