Yo-Yo innovations

I’ve always wanted to try a gyroscope yoyo that could stay on one plane but didnt actually need to spin. I can dream, right? :smiley:

If you could make your own yoyo, but it had to have something about it that was different than anything else on the market, what type of features would your yoyo have?


I bought some toy gyros recently. The Duncan Gyro and Gyro XT(or whatever it is) and this Tedco one. Loads of fun.

You’re still going to need spin. The gyros are gong to need to spin. Those will most likely invoke some spin from the yoyo halves. Plus, the yoyo is going to end up being pretty heavy. Now you have vibe issues from two spinning gyros, that unless they are in and stay in perfect sync, is just gonna mostly deteriorate.

Why not try doing some of your tricks with a dead yoyo instead. It’s not really practical, but kinda fun just to see if you can do it.

Keep in mind the yoyo gets its stability from it’s spin, so in a sense, it is acting similar to a gyroscope.

No doubt, while all that is true. In the early 2000’s back when Dave’s skill toys was still around, people actually pulled this off. the gyroscope on each half made it so that the yoyo itself didnt have to spin at all. the gyros in each half of the yoyo just needed to be rotating. And yes, from what i heard, it weighed a lot more than a standard yoyo. Regardless, its just fun to think about the trick possibilities with such a yoyo.

You didnt answer my question Studio42:

If you could make your own yoyo, but it had to have something about it that was different than anything else on the market, what type of features would your yoyo have?


I’m not going to answer that question. Right now I have zero interest in making a yoyo. I’m actually working on something not yoyo related, that takes up a lot of my time. About all I could think of was maybe a heat-sensitive material used for anodizing colors that would change color.

that sounds awesome!!!

im really surprised that no one else has any imaginative thoughts on this. It’s all in pretend fun :slight_smile:


Actually, for 1A play, other than grinding, the yoyo basically acts as a deadweight, and the actual tricks are all done with the string.

I would like to go back with the idea of the yoyojam synergy and the the jazzyo saturn. the saturn was a big improvement to the synergy but still had its problems, i think a company like one drop or yoyofactory could take that concept in a new direction and make it work!

Not sure if everyone would be familiar with the concept, but in situations where you need to gear an engine but can’t/don’t want to have a gearbox, you can use roller weights. A simple way of how it could be used in yoyos is below. This view is of one yoyo half which is then cut in half down the middle. In reality, I think you’d need more chambers to keep it smooth, but whatever.

So, each of the black rectangles is a chamber just large enough for the little silver ball bearing (the weight). Each chamber also contains a spring that in rest state holds the weight to the inside edge of the chamber. However, as the yoyo spins, the spring would be tuned to allow the weight to move further and further out toward the edge. This is effectively a “geared” yoyo.

The benefit? Well, there’s 2 factors when it comes to inertia in yoyos. One, spin speed. Two, weight distrubution. With a small throw, you can get high spin speeds, but you can’t get the advantageous rim weighted distribution you might with a larger, heavier throw. On the other hand, large and heavy throws don’t spin as fast. But, the geared yoyo should, in theory, be able to do the best of both.

On a throw, the weights will be toward the inside of the yoyo promoting acceleration like that of a small diameter throw. But, as the throw reaches max speed, the weights will then move (and stay) outward to keep that spin going much longer. Finally, when the spin of the yoyo begins to decrease, and the outward weight distribution is becoming and less and less effective, the weights again start moving back toward the inside. This once again promotes spin speed to milk that last bit of energy from the spinning yoyo.

Obviously this is totally theoretical and I’m not sure you would actually see a practical effect. But, if it did work, you might end up with an incredibly long spinning and stable yoyo.

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That’s genius!

I remember seeing a Crucial delrin spinning rims prototype on either YYE blog or Yoyo Skills.

You freakin rock! that was so awesome!!!


Recently? and if so how recent?

adding magnets to the spacer system of a ball bearing yoyo. it will lock the bearing in place to help prevent wobble. the bearing will also “float” in the middle of the yoyo.

That sounds awesome! do you think the magnets would affect the bearings ability to spin?


I herd magnetizing ruined bearings.

Yoyo innovations? Stuff that companies have already filed patents in before even materializing it.

Interesting statement, can you site examples?


only the center of the bearing would be made of a magnetic material, neodynium perhaps, and the rest, including the balls, would be made of gold plated aircraft aluminum.

aluminum is NOT magnetic while neodynium is EXTREMELY magnetic

Duncan is making 3a yoyos with magnetic side effects. You can watch vidoes if them online.