hayabusa sl vs. other offstring yoyos?how

how does the hayabusa sl compare to other offstring yoyos?


Hayabusa SL’s rims bounce …weirdly.
Instead of bouncing more vertically it kind of rebounds and speeds off like a bouncing tire. I have a Hayabusa SL myself, and every time I miss it flies away and hits the fence or rolls far away in the grass. (remember to 4a in open spaces!).

But the good thing is that it’ll be a bit more durable than other 4a yo-yos because of the rims. Note that if you get the lighter color rims you’re going to have to clean them a lot more.
(My white rims have permanent dirt marks on them and I’ve only used them for a couple of days)

I haven’t had too much time with my Hayabusa SL lately, but performance-wiseI’ve heard it performs just as well. It has a smaller gap that can be adjusted with the spacers that Duncan provides you but it won’t be as easy as other popular offstring yo-yos such as the Big-Yo and the Fiesta.

It utilizes a triad response which, in my experience, isn’t as grippy as some other response systems but it’s much better than having some cruddy rubber o-rings. In the package my Hayabusa SL came with it gives you a pair of silicone and rubber response stickers you can put into your Hayabusa.

yes just like the other guy said, they do bounce away. they are pretty strong tho. the rims arent weak or anything you know. compared to a fiesta it really isnt that good but its a good begginer. i have one for sale or trade if you want (hayabusa sl)

I would link to my thread about 4A, but I’ll just state it here.

All offstrings are AWESOME. Some offstrings do better for some people than others. Stating that one is better than the other, or that one is for beginners, or anything else like that… Is like comparing apples and oranges.

GUESS WHAT I HATE APPLES lol but i can agree with u

Hayabusa SL is a good beginner yo-yo IMO because you never have to worry about it breaking (unless you throw it like 50 feet in the air) and the frustration of having to run after it helps you learn a lot. No sarcasm intended.

If you’re just learning 4a though … don’t Hayabusa inside. It’s almost guaranteed to do some sort of damage with the way it bounces around …

thanx guys i appreciate the help alot!

they RUN when you drop them…