Hayabusa or Go Big?

I like the idea of the Go Big because it has rubber rims, isn’t huge, and Ben says that it is good for regens. But I don’t feel comfortable buying one off the BST so I am thinking about getting a Hayabusa (SL) instead.

How similar is the Hayabusa to the Go Big, and should I get the Hayabusa instead?

I bought a Hayabusa a long time ago, and I hate it. No matter what I do I can’t get it to return. I bought this yoyo to learn offstring, so I might not have been doing it right. I think it just has a bad response system. I would consider getting a flight, it has lots of good reviews.

Never mind. I see a bunch of people on YouTube using it just fine. I’m probably doing something wrong.

I wouldn’t advise getting either of those, they’re rather outdated and won’t perform nearly as well as modern offstring yoyos available today. The Flight, Fiesta Tres, Aeronaut, Skyhawk are much easier to learn with due to wider characteristics, nicer gap widths, lower walls and durability. Ben’s video where he talks about the different types of 4a yoyos is also rather old, he uses the Flight now.

I would personally skip both and go with a flight like others suggested…

I want rubber rims because I don’t want to buy an offstring yoyo and be worried about dropping/bouncing it on the sidewalk. If I get a Flight, would it break if it was bounced on the sidewalk too much?

I don’t want a huge yoyo for offstring because I think they look ugly and I have been doing fine with my Replay Pro, but the flight doesn’t look too bad.

I have had off strings that I have beat the living ______ (fill in your favorite word) and though after a long time they may crack or whatever, they still work fine.

The Go Big will not hold up well on concrete… The rubber rims don’t make the yoyo that much more durable. It probably wouldn’t crack but because of it’s axle system it’d be unusable in a week or two. Another suggestion would be the Silverback King, Jeremy claims it to be one of the most durable offstrings on the market and that it will hold up on concrete.