YYF Flight Vs Duncan Skyhawk Vs YYJ GoBig

Question for you all who may have had experience with all 3 of these throws, or at least 2 of these: I’ve been looking at either YYF Flight or a Duncan Skyhawk. Currently I own a YYJ GoBig and was wondering how the 2 compare to the GoBig or best to just stick with the GoBig (as I know it can take a beating with my lack of 4A skils). Do the Flight or Skyhawk make for good learning 4A throws or do they not hold up to the abuse as much as a rubber-rimmed yoyo would?

Give it a week or 2 and your Go Big will be an unusable piece of crap. So I would buy a Flight I just got 2 of them for my birthday and they are great and the axle system is a legit nut and bolt so if the axle gets stripped from overtightening you can just go to the hardware store and say hey I need a nut and a bolt. Not that it will get stripped because I haven’t noticed any issuse with anything so far.

Ok so down to why I now HATE all yoyojam offstrings. So this is kinda hard to explain but basically yoyojam offstring yoyo’s have the WORST axle system ever. So when your learning the offstring yoyo usually bounces the floor and everytime it hits the floor the beraing spacers twist apart and soon the gap of your yoyo will get smaller and smaller and smaller until it is an unusable piece of crap like I mentioned. If you don’t believe me ask some other people I know I’m not the only one on here with this problem. I know this from expeirience because this happend to 2 of my Equinoxes my friends Go big a bunch of demmo Go bigs from the yoyostore I frequent for yoyo clubs and someone’s Rextreme. And all of these YYJ’s use the same axle system. If for some reason it doesn’t happen to your Go big Congratulations you got really lucky.

I have no expeirience with the Skyhawk. But I would highley reccomend the flight.




I don’t have any other offstring yoyos, but I know I love the Flight. I plan on getting a second one (since they are so cheep) to use at a contest.

I tried the Sky hawk and hated it because I used mostly really heavy offstring yoyos made of delrin. also it seems like the skyhawk has flimsy rims and that they would crack.
The flight might have a problem because I used to use an offstring yoyo that was make out of delrin with almost the exact same shape and the design didn’t hold up well towards dropping it from high heights.
So choose what you feel most comfortable with because offstring yoyos don’t last forever, Ive broken 4 offstring yoyos.

it doesn’t 8)

I agree the flight seems to be nearly indestructable so far

My personal favorite is the JetSet EG, on the Flight, I had one, but the gap on mine was too large, and it wouldn’t bind well. I tried other people’s Flights, though, and it doesn’t seen to be a big problem. What I think, though, is to wait for the Fiesta Tres to come out. Should be out by nest week, and it looks really good.

What s fiesta tres a new fiesta xx?

And I have a Duncan Skyhawk its good but not that good the spin ti es are Short mine rigs haven’t cracked the yoyo till now but if it falls too much rings become e a bit loose and fall out while dropping sometime. Binds are nice though.

Why would you read my comments when we have Michael nakamura reviewing

I think this review post should be sticked. Like.

I have to disagree with eric. The solid spin axle system is fine, and while the inserts can lose their “friction (?)”, with a little superglue they’ll be permanently tight.’

I just ordered a Fiesta Tres yesterday, they’re not in stock on YYE yet though. I’ll let you know my thoughts when I get it. If you want to see pictures of it they are on YYJ’s and YYE’s Instagram (has similar shape to the Flight, full celcon like the XX, looks amazing)

Hmm you must be lucky because I tried super glue multiple times. I even tried melting the plastic around it to see if that would hold it in place

As someone who owns all three I’d have to go with the flight.the go big is just to narrow. the skyhawk is nice but has a cheap deal to it plus the weight rings while doing there job make it vibe like crazy,and play really really fast. the flight on the other hand I feel is the perfect all-around offstring yoyo it’s easy to controll the pace it’s very stable with low walls that maximize spin time and minimize sleep lost the gap is good for snags and it has textures surface that lets you gring without a glove pair that with sleep times cheapest price and a very reasonable price the flight is tough to beat

I am fairly new to 4A and have a YYF Flight. It’s not too wide where it will slow you down and it’s not too narrow where it will make learning 4A tricks hard. I personally love it. It has long sleep times and is extremely durable. Mine has hit the pavement and grass quite a few times and it’s totally fine. Plus you can’t beat the cost for what you get.

I haven’t tried the Duncan, but I would suggest you try out the YYF Flight.



The Fiesta Tres came in today

-Weighs 76g
-Feels pretty light, good spin time
-Response is nice and tight, regens feel pretty good
-Surface is smooth and grinds well but mine has some vibe
-Durability is good so far (just hit it off walls/ceilings, nothing serious yet)

I’m pretty new to 4a so I’m probably not the best source, but it feels like a more modern Fiesta XX. I personally really like it.

Thanks for the feedback, guys! I think I’m definitely going to go for the Flight, looks more sturdy.

I haven’t had any problems with my GoBig though I typically use it on grass most of the time. I think something a bit wider will definitely be a nice upgrade and something different to work with. Since tomorrow’s National Yoyo Day, I may treat myself to this then. Now to decide on color…options, options…marble green looks good, as well as that translucent aqua!

I am deciding that right now. My favorite color is green, but the aurora looks really nice

It is really nice

I ended up going for the marble green one. I think it will hide dirt better as well as scuff marks from rough landings it will be experiencing :slight_smile:

I have the YYF Flight edge glow color and it hides scratches pretty well. Any of those translucent colors seem to be good about hiding marks.

My flight came in today! Pretty sweet-looking throw! Ironically, being just plastic, it bounces much higher…but the bounces are much more in control. And…found out it’s actually very capable of grinds!

With this said, I tend to do 4A outdoors. Is it safe to do this over concrete or is it best to keep it over grass? I don’t want to risk cracking the plastic (as durable as this feels). Did a couple forward pass throws in my room as it’s actually raining…in California… :slight_smile:

I always advise against playing 4A over concrete or any coarse hard surface. No matter how durable plastic is, it’s still plastic, and it will eventually break if you’re dropping it on rocks.