In your opinion what is the best off string yoyo?

I’m looking to buy a new off string yoyo, but I’m not entirely sure where to start. Any advice is appreciated!

I’ve recently been playing with the yoyofactory flight and duncan skyhawk and I prefer the skyhawk. The flight has a better finish for grinds and you are able to fingerspin it, but I like the shape of the skyhawk better. I also feel like the skyhawk has a little better spintime and stability.

Take this recommendation with a grain of salt. I mainly play 1A and 4A is a distant second style for me. There are no tricks on the skyhawk that I cant do on the flight so you should be good if you were looking into either of those yoyos.

Reviews by the pro.

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I really like the Duncan Skyhawk. Its easy to control and its just a great throw. Good for grinds as well!

My personal recomondatiom is a fiesta tres or flight the tres is very stable and long spining while the flight is a generalist it can do anything you ask of it. It is faster than a skyhawk with a lower wall . However of you like v shapes with center weight and a wider gap making it better for a more aggressive style. However if you want to go for super high end the jetset eg is pretty much perfect