whats the best off string for me?

hey guys,

i have taken a interest in off string play, and i was wondering what would be the best off string yoyo for me. I want a yoyo that’s big but, beyond that i dont know

Well, I’m no master, and I haven’t actually started playing 4a yet. (hopefully soon) but a LOT of people say that the Aquarius is one of the best. I have seen people also say the big yo is superb as well. I know somebody just said they like the Offstring/Pocket Change combo. I purchased one of Jayyo’s Aquarius’s to learn as it looked good and I’ve heard people rave about it. But I have no idea what to expect. I say try to try them all and see what sticks. My $.02

for me its really between the off string and Aquarius,
i just cant pick. The Off String is two awesome yoyos in one, the Aquarius is just one yoyo but its awesome at what it does. I wouldn’t mind just bringing one yoyo to a friends house and really be bringing two, i don’t know what to do :frowning: :-\ :’(

Ok ima save your life. YYF offsting=ROYALLY suckish. broke for my friend in a week. Aquarius=Out of production, good luck finding one. But…ive been playing offstring for a while and i must say the the Shinwoo Griffin wing is the best. Ive dropped it on concrete from 20 ft in the air like 7 times, still no break. its like butter on the string and its cheap lol

Griffin wing is great :smiley:

P.S. its not available here (sadly :’() but its on yoyoguy and yyn

I havn’t tried this, but I have heard that the zeekio bird is similar to the aquarius so you might want to try that out :slight_smile: (not sold here, just google it though)

The Hayabusa is a great offstring yo-yo as well.

I just started 4A, picked up a Griffin wing and love it. I do plan on getting a Hayabusa soon too, I’ve heard great things about that yo also.