beginner offstring

hi guys i was wondering what to get for a good beginner offstring yoyo I’m decent with 1a(about halfway through the advanced sections) i’ve heard the aquarius is good but those are kind hard to come buy seeing that they don’t make them anymore. I am thinking about getting the griffin wing by shinwoo. just looking for opinions thanks in advance JJ

The Hayabusa and Flying Panda are both great choices.

I’ve been using a Griffin Wing for the past year and it’s fantastic, very underrated.

I’d say go with looks best to you. I got an Aqua and it’s fun. I ordered a Big Yo to see how that plays and can’t wait to try it. I say go with the griffon wing if thats what you want to try. :slight_smile:

I have a BigYo 2 and it plays Offstring like a dream. You should really get it. It is easy to play with because it is so big you can easily hit new tricks(after you get used to it).

I got a Duncan Hayabusa to do Offstring with… It’s nice but I can’t hit the string once it goes in the air… :frowning:

I also got a FHZ to do 5a with but the response and spintime is killing it.

Back to the modding desk for that one I guess.