Good offstring yoyo

What is a good ofstring yoyo for a beginer? I dont feel like murdering my DMII or Dv888. I’d rather not have a bigyo, big ben, or rexstreme

then theres really nothing else

Fiesta is pretty good. As is the Hayabusa.

The Aquarius is good if you can get your hands on one. So is the Fiesta the Equinox is not for beginners.

im leaning towrds fiesta

Lots of people think the Shinwoo Griffen Wing is a good offstring yoyo for beginners. It will grow with you, too. You should check it out.

to tell the truth, I have had a bad expirience with shinwoo. the zen 5 i got was faulty. traded for Dv888!

That doesn’t mean you will have a bad exerience with the Griffin Wing, but I would go with the Fiesta 8)

Thanks. I think ill get a fiesta when I get my yuuksta.

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