Good offstring yoyo?


I am an intermediate 1A yoyoer, and am interested in learning a few offstring tricks. Anyone know of some good offstring yoyos?


Duncan Hayabusa
YYJ Fiesta
YYJ Aquarius (discontinued)

These are just ones that i have played, all of them would be excellent choices




Shinwoo Griffin Wing


The Griffin Wing was great for a beginners yoyo although the Fiesta XX is coming out and i hear it is quite awesome.


I use a YYJ Kickside. It works really well.


You can use almost anything for an offstring yoyo.

Me too.


mightyflea. best offstring evar. use that thing, you can do ANYTHING on a bigyo :slight_smile:

seriously though. fiesta is nice

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #9

fiesta,equinox,and bigyo(i started on the bigyo)


I will probably go with fiesta. Thanks for all the help everyone!