best beginner offstring yoyo

I was wondering what you people think the best offstring yoyo is for a beginner offstringer like me?

Any of them really. I actually started on a regular 1a yoyo I had, so I would personally recommend doing that. Once you can do it consistently then you’ll be much better with a real 4a yoyo.

Try to get your hands on a Zan-Navi or a Griffin Wing… Very wallet-friendly.

I still say learing on a Panda or throw monkey is a good idea. Get some of their silicone pads and you’ll be set. Then when you get better get a busa.

how are the Aquarius and The Offstring

They’re fine. Some people like them, some don’t.

the Aquarius is being discontinued so…


The sam reason the HG line got discontinued: Material price hike.

There might be some $40 Aquarii left at the Nation, but then that’s a huge pay for an Aquarius.

Aquarii ha.

Yeah, if you want an Aquarius at a good price, your best bet would be checking the BSTs, or look at getting a different one.

Yes. Aquarii. That’s how you spell it. A Latin noun ending on -us in singular form gets an -i ending in plural form:


There’s no such thin as boni (bonuses though).

Addment: I’ll start saying boni just to be cool.

see my birthday is coming and i have these on my list and i want to take off 4 so i have 1 offstring
The Flying Panda
• The Hayabusa
• The BigYo
• Aquarius
• The Offstring

i started 4a with a flying squirrel

I started with a yomega Exodus 2, and I’ve had it since, it hasn’t even broke yet from when it rolled in the pool. :slight_smile:

Ha I know. It just sounded funny to me. :smiley:

I’m doing 4a with a dv888 but can’t get it up… I only do that because the wide gap helps me.

There are many good choices for you. But take a look at the Xodus II from Yomega, a very affordable, good offstring yo-yo.

I just received a Bigyo in the mail and it is amazing! You will not be disappointed. It is huge so it is very easy to catch and whip and such. And bounces great too.

thanks guys ill look into them

I would say if you have a real beater of a throw, use that to get the basics down (i.e. initial throw, basic beginner tricks, etc.). That way you’re not destroying a good yoyo while you’re learning. :slight_smile: