New yoyo

I was thinking about getting a new yoyo, specifically off string. I wanted to know the yoyoers opinions of which i should get, and is it worth it. what i mean by that is, it looks like fun, but andre has made VERY little videos on offstring play. is thier sufficiant learning material on other websites for competative off string play? i am bad at teaching my self new tricks at such a noobish stage, and would like to know others secrets. Also, back to the main question, which off string yoyo is worth my money. the aquaris is drawing my attention, because its half the price of my 1A dark magic, and it seems good. IDK, what do you guys think! :smiley:

the aquarius is a good 1 i dont know of another site with vids for learning just keep spinning ;D

yea get the aquarius or BigYo because they are pretty big in diameter and it would be easier to catch the yoyo on the string for 4A.

thats two unanimous votes for aqua, and aqua it is! now i want to know if anybody knows any sites?

Yeah, Aquarius is a perfect choice for you! great starter for beginners! Try it now!

Happy Throwing! =]

yea i agree with the Aquarius that thing can really take a beating form many failed catches,,,, there’s like 50 staring at your face lol.
Learn to offstring there.

thanks r…s…mod123! thats a great site

sh417 guy, what i needed was the sties with 4a tutorials, not where to guy them ;D