offstring yoyo

I’m looking for a new offstring throw
im looking for

extreme durabillity (i drop a lot )

nice wide/big profile

fits relatively good in hand

bounces nice for catches

spin time is not extremely important my combos are relatively short
i was thinking maybe the go big fiesta xx but not sure about either or if theres a better alternative

I’ve already busted a yyr aeronaut and a zeekio apollo

Can’t go wrong with the Fiesta or Go Big. You also might want to check out the Duncan Skyhawk, another really good 4a throw around the same price range.

I’m surprised you busted an Aeronaut, we threw that thing around the office testing it out and it seemed really durable!

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thanks. and yeah aeronaut was a great/ pretty durable yoyo. but it started to crack by the axle and eventually it got sharp and practically shattered near the axle. not really the yo-yos fault. i just suck and miss a lot and I’m just pretty tough on 4a yo-yos in general.

I did too. I broken two Zeekio Apollos and two aeronauts.

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