what are the best two offspring yo-yos under $30? looking to get two good offspring yo-yos for a BEGINNER offspring player. i am just starting out and have no offspring yo-yos. So what are the best two offspring yo-yos I can get for a total budget under $50? ???

I personally have not done much for offstring yoyoing but from what I have heard/seen the Yoyo Factory Flight would be a great option for an offstring yoyo within your budget. Sorry I can’t be more help. :frowning:

Thx anyway! :slight_smile:

What yoyo is best for a first offstring yoyo? A go big or big yo?

I would actually buy a flight because the big yo is really responsive and the go big is a good yoyo but the axle can get messed up.

I have both the Duncan Skyhawk ($35) and the YYF Flight, and the Flight is easily the better yo-yo for offstring IMO. Long spins, easy to control, and a really great offstring throw to both start out and progress. I only recently started offstring myself and I have found the Flight to be excellent for the price.

Hands down the YYF Flight. This is my first offstring yoyo and it has been a blast. It’s not too big or small. Just the right size. Super long spin times which helps with learning new tricks. And it’s only like 24.99 or so. For the price, you can’t beat it in my opinion.

I’ve got a Flight and it’s sweet, though I’m not too great at offstring. I have also heard that the YYJ Fiesta Tres is amazing, and it has that replaceable axle system so if you somehow manage to bend the axle or strip it, you can replace it.

Don’t buy a flight GET a fiesta tres.

I am getting a fiesta xx. but , I want to get two offspring and I don’t know which one. I want it to be different from the fiesta xx. So I was thinking flight or go big?

I would vote for the Flight over the Go Big.

I highley recommend the flight

Fiesta Tres, then Flight.

The YoYoFactory Flight is my favorite offstring right now, it’s an excellent yo-yo for the price. Followed closely by the YYR Aeronaut and Duncan Skyhawk.

I would go with petsonally two flights the flight is by far the best ,and sturdiest I might add, yoyo for its price the only other thing I would recommend in that price range is a fiesta tres which are also very good however they cost 30.60$. The old fiesta is not a bad yoyo and would have earned a recommendation but it has been outmoded, it has a very large gap for offstring which is a little tought to compensate for when you move to other yoyos, it is narrow? And it has high walls. Generally for offstring you want somthing large enough to easily catch so I suppose o could also recommend a big yo however be warned they do not have much spin

“Survey says…Flight!”




I love the YYF Flight

This thing plays great and is super sturdy. Spins for a long time and is great for all styles of 4A play. When I started offstring and got the Flight, I was a little concerned if it was too narrow for me to learn on, but its great. Its not bulky and doesn’t get in the way when I do Orbits or similar tricks. It’s the perfect width and feel. I can’t talk this thing up enough.

I almost got a Fiesta II, but after emailing a lot of yoyo companies, the consensus was YYF Flight.

I am going to probably get the flight and fiesta xx.