Offstring...what to get?

I’ve messed with 4A for a while (Flying Panda with MOD spacers) but want to get an off string that’s a little bit better…a couple options I was looking at were the YYJ Go Big and the Duncan Hayabusa SL. What would you all recommend? (Also tempting on picking up a BigYo just for kicks :slight_smile: )

What are the pros and cons of the Go Big and the Hayabusa? How do they compare?

Big Yo Cons:
Slow, shorter spin times. I actually find smaller stuff easier to catch.

Hayabusa cons:
Too darn small from the get-go. Feels like a FHZ with rubber rims.

I’d recommend the Go Big or the Fiesta XX. Of the two, I prefer the Fiesta XX over the Go Big. That’s how Id’ go.

The Go Big has been a great experience. The response and gap are just right for me, stock. Very comfortable and durable. I store mine with the string unwound because the silicone pads can get dented over time under the pressure of the wound string. Has an IGR. Made in the USA, baby.

I’ve never played a Hayabusa. From the looks and specs, it has about the same width and similar shape, just a little smaller in diameter, probably fits better into your hand and easier for intricate tricks. It sounds much more customizable for both gap and response.

I can’t recommend one or the other since I don’t have a Hayabusa, but I certainly love the Go Big and I prefer its binds and rubber rims over the Fiesta XX.

Between the Go Big and Hayabusa, the Go Big is way better to start on. Bigger with better binds.

I only have a Fiesta XX. It’s pretty good, doesn’t have a lot of rim weight and doesn’t spin the longest (Probably my throw).

GO BIG is the best! Love them! :smiley: :wink:

The Aquarius (PM me If you want a link where to buy one brand new)

Old Fiesta (Check BST)

Adegle Whale (Spend the extra money, and it will last you forever)