I am using my DM for 4a and it has been getting hard trying to get the string all the time with a small yoyo. Can you help me out here?

I would get the hayabusa, a very good off string youyo thats not Huge like the big yo. Sadly the aquarius is discontinued.

The Dark Magic is actually pretty big compared to some yoyos people use for 4a.

Besides that, I liked the Hayabusa and BigYo a lot. BigYo is very big for easy catches, and Hayabusa is kind of a mid range between the 1a yoyos that are used for 4a and an Aquarius. I didn’t like the Aquarius because it snagged quite a bit for me, but many people love it.

Stealing from Pheenix, Addment:If you can try these out, do, just pick one and try it (if you don’t like it, it is tradable), or just keep with your Dark Magic.

Get a Bigyo.

The Hayabusa is more of an intermediate 4A yoyo, and is harder to operate for a beginner than a Bigyo is. It’s more unresponsive. I love my Bigyo.

BigYo’s are, well, big… Awesome for 4A. I don’t know about the Hayabusa, though.

the DM is actually a great 4A yoyo. I’m using my brther’s journey for offstring and it’s awesome for me. the journey is only a little bit bigger than the DM so the DM should actually work fine. the DM’s added rim weighting will also help make it spin longer on the string. i wold just stick with the DM or if you want one specifically for 4A get the BigYo. big easy to catch and doesn’t snag as much.
(i’m using my velocity for offstring and may i say i’m awesome at it. playing with smaller width yoyo will get you frustrated but make you a accurate player)