do yyf offstring really break that easy?

i also recommend the bigyo. but use 100% cotton strings. The two new yyj is rumored to be the improved version of the special and free agent

What some of the people are saying about binding problems, I find using YYE Polly string is just perfect… Single wrap bind, and no snaggs

so do i just put the offstreig rims on my pocketchange do i switch the spacers?thanks for the lube advice i do have thick and thin lube.

I’ve had two YYF offstrings, BOTH with the exact same problem. Right around the axle on each half have cracks starting from the axle going out. Now, both broke within weeks along with my pocketchange, (having no other off string resorting to that) and it too broke in the same way. I would say that the pocket change just broke from too much stress, BUT I am positive my two YYF offstring yoyos came cracked. Also the spacers where a real pain, way too tight. I don’t know how your suppose change spacers without cracking it further. Sum it up? get a Big yo or/and Hyabusa, I have launched my big yo like a rocket (30ft+) and it has hit the ground many, many, many, times. Still going stronger than ever. I don’t like YYJ ( don’t get offended i know they make good plastic /metal hybrids but i just don’t like plastic) BUT the BIG YO is one i do like.

The big yo is most definitely the best starter 4A yoyo.