YYF offstring easy breakage?

I got my YYF offstring on saturday and played it a few times and it dropped a few times.
The rims are a little dented and that doesn’t really bother me.
But what bothers me is that there is cracking in and around the bearing seat and the nut like thing you screw the caps onto broke off and now I can’t screw the parts together anymore.

If any of you have an Offstring, had something like this happened to you?

Yep. The part where you screw the caps on broke on mine too, and I have a freind with like 9 broken Flymasters and OS’s.

For what it’s worth, get a Pocket Change and put the OS rims on it. The Pocket Change doesn’t brake.

Did this happen to you and your friend after like a few hours?

Mine broke in the first two hours. I don’t know when my freind’s broke, but he has like a graveyard of broken Flymasters and Offstrings. He’s ranked in top 10 in 4a nationaly, so he has a lot of 4a yoyos.

i literally just got mine 30 min ago and i broke in half. the outer shell thing is perfectly fine but the plastic parts that are the yoyo all broke.

that sucks, do you play over carpet?

mine was toast within 30 minutes…