Broken Protostar! Fantastic :/

OK, well. Read the title. Haha, this ain’t cool dude. I just came home from school, and boom! This happened. I was like “What the crap?” and then preceded to make a rampage that got me in trouble. Haha, just look at these pictures:



So, ya. Just wanted to share, and I hope that YYF will replace this mishap. Wow, I am still just like “What the buck?”

Ummm, so how did you break it in the first place, and did all of that damage occur then or was that the result of your rampage?

possibly over-tightened it

Seriously, just went to school and came home to find this. This is so weird. There was no damage caused during rampage

Don’t rampage then, lol. :wink:
Anyways, this type of damage (The sides popping out) occurs to Protostars, Starlites, and Northstars alike. Possibly you overtightened the yoyo? Well, there’s not much you can do. Just accept that fact that it was a $35 dollar yoyo and it’s plastic. Count your losses and move on. Things happen.

I always rampage. That’s how I broke my HotShot right in half. But now my HotShot works GREAT!
I rampage only at the strings mostly.

well you could try getting it replaced for free. yye is really good about that. I once had a dark magic II that I destroyed like 3 months after i bought it. haha no idea how I did it but long story short Andre sent me a new one for free.