My life sucks! North Star broken

So i just a northstar 2 weeks ago mabey more. I wanted to change bearing and the spacers broke ok. So i order new ones which i got today and tried to put them in and boom i over did it and it broke. Why!!!

Yup, your life sucks because your toy broke.

Hey, at least you have a home, shelter, food… You aren’t anywhere near to DYING right? Cancer? No? Good. Your life doesn’t suck. If it sucked, you might be near-death, or some other horrid condition.


lol dude why so serious? I do have asthma and really bad vision for far range items with retinal eye disorder and night blindness which makes school so hard so it kinda does suck sometimes.

I have asthma as well, I also have type one diabetes. Factor V leiden, MTHFR… Let’s see, oh, I’ve amputated half of my right thumb… Before this becomes the “Who has a worse life” argument, count your blessings.

This thread already went to hell. @ The OP contact YYF to see if they will help you out. They fixed mine no problem. To CarlG at least you have everything you need too 99.9% of us on here. No need to be a (place favorite insult here). Mods could you either Lock/Delete this thread or delete comments?

dude im just saying that when my only good throw broke i just freaked out. Also soirry for trying to turn this into a argument. How would you feel if ur best throw just broke? And again sorry.

Mm, I’d probably wonder why aluminum randomly was rent asunder first 6.9. Then, I’d say “Darn it, let’s try and contact the company”

He is most likely a middle school kid. Just give him a break

Wow, now I know why you always try to annoy everyone on these forms, to make up for your own pathetic life. The op just made a post on his Northstar breaking, sure he’s being a bit dramatic, but that doesn’t give you the right to come and start insulting him.


In a desperate last second hail mary, I want to ask the OP:

What did you do? I mean, 2 in a row? What are you doing to destroy your yoyo?

Please be extremely detailed because this has got to be an operator error. I have a Northstar and it works just fine and has been taken apart repeatedly with no problems. I have to suspect it’s YOU.

I think he means the Northstar cracked after he put in new spacers.

Why would it need new spacers? And why would it crack unless he’s cranking it down like a gorilla handling items marked Fragile for USPS?

Nah, my life isn’t pathetic. If my life is pathetic, why do I have food, a roof over my head and clothes, as well as a caring family?

Im going to be real blunt with you kid.

Get over it.

Had to hear it sometime, just be glad you have the ability to even buy a yoyo when others cannot.

Another yoyo will come to you. no worries.



Because he said the spacers broke… Maybe he got it from the bst and it is one that was made before the cracking problem was fixed?

Fixed. Learn to quote.

Ill accept it. You got me there. But this is senseless argument someone delete all these posts and only leave the useful ones please.

If your really concerned about it, try contacting yyf, they should be able to help. But if not, just try to let it go, you can enjoy life better when you let things go. But hey, maybe you will be able to fix it :wink:

PLEASE could we try to keep this one on topic?

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