Who else is really excited for the new Northstar?

In case anyone has not heard, Yoyofactory is releasing a new revamped version of the Northstar this year. Everyone knows and loves the Northstar, Fans of the Protostar and Jensen Kimmitt can all agree. And if you havent played one, I encourage you to pick up a ShalerStar here from YYE. Its a yoyo everyone should use and love.

Unfortunately, the New York Toy fair (Where the New Northstar will make its first appearance) is not open to the public so we wont get a look at it for a while. But I am super excited for it.

What are your thoughts on it?

I have several excitements!

Hopefully these are stronger than the last ones and don’t crack as easily

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anyone knows about the s[ec?

I like the protostar better, the northstar is bit heavy for me.

Nope. Kinda tired of all the Star throws tbh. They keep renaming the North Star to make people forget the whole Kimmit issue, even though it was a thing before that. I kinda liked the Proto Star, but the Counter Attack was honestly better, and the STar series gets WAY too much hype imho. Proto Star is reall all you should ever grab, and even then…It’s So…straight and…okay. So ope on the new (4th or 5th) North Star re-hash.

If it looks good enough I’ll get one.


I love the Northstar, it’s my favorite plastic. I don’t even care what they name it, it’s still the same yo-yo no matter what it’s called, and I will surely grab another one. I can’t wait to see it.

I have a shaq on my BST if you wanna trade TA :))) Haha. I’m not going to be buying it or anything, but im excited to see what its called and looks like.



I kinda really want a protostar. But Im worried once I get a Protostar that Ill see the new northstar and want that instead

Personally, I’d like to see what it’s going to look like but that’s about it. I’ve had two Protostars that I’ve either received in a trade, or got in a mystery box, and I didn’t like them at all. I don’t like heavy throws, so that makes me think that I wouldn’t like the Shaquler/Northstar at all. Jensen Kimmitt did awesome stuff with a Northstar, but he’s a former world champ so that doesn’t really say much about the yoyo … it just adds to the wonder that surrounds Jensen. The Protostar just seemed boring to me. I don’t think I’ll go for anymore of the star series. I have to say that my favorite plastic is the Classic with an unresponsive bearing and silicone. I’ve yet to use a Rally/Yeti/Crazy D/The V though.


I was put off the Star series after buying a Protostar. I had so many issues with the spacers and unscrewing/wobble/cracking that in the end I just chucked the thing in a box of junk and haven’t touched it since. Compared to the Addiction or Rally the build quality is pretty shoddy.

That being said, I loved the whole luminous colours of the Northstar, so if they hit UK stores in a nice colour, I might pick one up and give it a second chance.

Depends on what they changed about it. I strongly preferred the Protostar to the Northstar (and am still stuck with the only Northstar I’ve ever owned). Both are absolute steals for the price but as far as my preferences went, the Protostar amazed me whereas the Northstar "meh"d me.

Those are top dog. Rally, Yeti, and the D are best.

What’s going to be different? I regret selling my orange northstar, so I’d prolly pick one up if they have the same colour

Double Crickets!

C-c-c-c-c-c-c-COMBO BREAKER!

I’m sure YoyoFactory appreciates the bumps. I’m ready for a fourth to add to the family.

Northstars2 by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

same profile, all right…

more pic please?

Those are all the old ones, not the new one. I wish I knew what that will look like. When the new one comes, I’ll add it to the rest of the family. I think the white one is a first run, and the one on the right is a Shaqlerstar. So, we’ll see what comes next.