What is your favorite "star"

(laxdude99) #1

I love the star line from yoyofactory and have almost every yoyo in it. So I wanted to ask you guys which one is your favorite?
My favorite is the Northstar




They all suck. But if you were twisting my arm, I’d say the older rockstar


POPstar FTW!

  1. Northstar
  2. Popstar
  3. Supernova Splash
  4. Starlite
  5. Protostar
  6. Rockstar

This reflects how much time i spend with each.
since getting the Northstar I find I rarely use any other plastics.

I agree with you dude the YYF Star series is great.



lol i like how all the noobs are saying yyf stars when there are different star my fav is the5star or ministar


@joey: so because someone’s likes yyf they must be noobs? kay…

That said, my top 3 stars would be:
Dark Star (C3yy)


@whatever your name is ,YYF are sooooo overated and probably the only exception is rockstar and protostar ive been around longer than you have and i know the community and what are overrated thing and underated and btw its Joe

(Jei Cheetah) #9

Stars don’t last forever. They eventually explode and die a dramatic death.

Thus, I don’t like any stars, cause I don’t want an exploding yoyo.

Get real people. Sheesh.



True Josh true…


Oh whoops, sorry. I forgot that one yoyo was better than another, and it’s not based on preference or opinion. So I guess you’re right. only noobs like yoyofactory.



I love mini yoyos. I think they’re so much fun! It’s half the price of a Dingo (my other awesome mini yoyo) and can handle absolutely anything I throw at it.

(Mikey) #13

It depends if it is an old star or a new star. If it is new, it will explode most likely when you are already dead. But you should never buy a star off the B/S/T’s. They can explode.

(Raphael) #14

That would make a great freestyle. just exploding in the middle of the performance, who needs to get the yoyo caught in the chandelier when you can watch it spontaneously combust?


1 word. Overrated. Wait is that 2…


Gamma Draconis


The stars are great. North, Starlite, Proto. I hate the pop. Its poop.


Always good to see a yoyo “veteran” helping out the “noobs.” That’s great for helping the scene grow… Also, the Protostar is hands down, one of the best plastics imo.


WOW. and you couldn’t even tell he was kidding… All those yoyo’s are loved by many pros. are you a pro? No. Tell Ando or Jensen that their overrated. I think you should know they both won major things. North for WORLDS. WOW.


sometimes i really wonder how josh got to be a forum expert