YoyoFactory Northstar (Aurora Borealis)


I didn’t know how they could top the Protostar makeover, but Da Fact’ry is on a roll. The new aurora borealis version of the Northstar is coming in July. Each one is unique looking. Sick! One of my favorite plastics is now Splash Gameable. From @yoyofactory Instagram:


(Ian) #2

So I have been told Shaqlerstar is the same as the Northstar, and I have been told the Shaqlerstar is heavier.
If they truly are different I can justify getting that new Northstar because that really looks nice.


Yoyofactory has definitely been next level for looks recently, some competitors are falling behind. Definitely should be some healthy competition though!


Hmmm…as far as I’m aware, the Northstar and Shaqlerstar are the same yo-yo, same specs. The Shaqlerstar seemed to just be a Shaqler edition of the Northstar. I perceived it as Shaqler team + Northstar = Shaqlerstar. But, I still think this color is sufficient justification for buying another one. :wink: I have the blue one, Shaqlerstar, white/red, glow, and now I’ll have this new one. So, I’m far more guilty of multiples.

These recent Northstars have that grind finish on them too. :o So, if the color isn’t justification, if yours doesn’t have that, that might be a legit excuse to take the plunge. :slight_smile:


I wholeheartedly agree. People asked, and they delivered. No doubt about it.

(Ian) #6

There we go. That will give me the justification to buy yet another yoyo.
I mean, I need to grind right?


YYF steppin’ up their game! Can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us!


That’s really ugly IMO


Oh my those look Beautiful!


TA, you gotta stop doing this to me…

actually no you don’t it is lovely and I will get one.



Wait till you see it spin.


Took a page out of Landon’s books.


clearly I would not want to think you are a simple shill for the company…

posting early, let’s get the game on.


(major_seventh) #14



now if they can make the weight ring blue or silver.


I’ve seen one of these in person. They look pretty great!

(Ian) #17

Did you get a chance to handle it?
If so, was the surface different? More grindable?


I hope they do this with more colors, clear with different “splashes” would be something new and different, it reminds me of the old “transition” yo-yos where a manufacturer would be switching colors in the mold and you’d get a run where the colors were blended.

(rizkiyoist) #19

I’m not a fan of yoyofactory myself, but…


Awe that’s okay, I’m enough fan for both of us. :slight_smile: