YoYo Factory NorthStar Review

Weight- 69.00 grams
Width- 43.00 mm
Diameter- 56.00 mm
Gap Width- 4.55 mm
Bearing Size- Large
Gap- Fixed
Response- YYF Silicone pads
(Specs From Modernyoyoing.com)

First Impressions
Im not going to lie. I seriously thought this yoyo was for offstring. its Huge in comparison to my skyline and Yuuksta (Which is basically a small genesis). It took me a while to get used to it, but once i did, wow. Thats all I can say. Wow. The performace blew away every plastic i had ever thrown, and most metal rims. Sorry X Convict.

It sleeps for long enough to do my toughest, longest combo, and it will still be able to give me a tight bind. I am concerned about its stability, as it starts to tilt during some long combos, but it doesnt seem to happen all the time and when it does, its slight and easy to bind out of. The response system is great, but im unsure about how long it will last. After about a week, the binds started to slip a little bit. It comes stock with a centertrak bearing, which i believe to be a great bearing. But obviously, these problems arent that big, as Jensen was able to win Worlds with it.


Personally, I really do like the looks. Im sure some people dont but, its completly down to opinion.
Sorry, i dont have a camera for pictures, but heres a link. http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=5141

This is one of my first reviews, any tips or criticism would be great! thanks for reading1

nice review but you gotta have an ending :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s plastic, duh, it’s not bead blasted.

I’m pretty sure tilting has nothing to do with the yoyo, unless it spins like gyroscopic-flop when It’s not on the string. Usually tilt is caused by you, the yoyoer, not keeping the string parallel with the gap of the yoyo.

I’ve bead blasted a FHZ, just saying

Some yoyos are more unstable than others

Landon Balk bead blasts some of his acrylic yoyos, thats probably what you’re thinking about. Nonetheless, you can bead blast plastic.

Unstable means when you throw it, it vibes. When a yoyo is unstable, it tends to have too much rim weight, which causes it to go out of control when thrown, but it can still be a smooth yoyo because the yoyo only vibes when it gets a bad throw. Did that make sense? I tend to have conversations in my head so I know what I said and didn’t say and I tend to leave important parts out.

Unstable =/= vibe

Unstable means that it has more of a tendency to tilt when the string is slightly misaligned in the gap. Some yoyos tilt more than others when this happens. And don’t say to just keep the yoyo aligned, none of us can keep it perfectly aligned 100% of the time, it’s unavoidable, we all do it.

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I’ve sandblasted polycarb. It’s lovely.

Well, if it helps…

Then again, I don’t actually own a North Star, so I can’t be sure.

Not that exactly, but it doesn’t mean what Patrick said, I remember like last year talking about how the BOSS was an unstable yoyo because when you throw it, it has a higher rate of getting a vibey throw, because it had too much rim weight. I am just threw all of my throws and they all seemed to tilt about the same speed.

Ok, now your just stating obvious facts to make me look bad by convincing people I don’t know what they mean. I knew all of that, it’s very common information that has hardly anything to do with what I am saying. I am trying to tell you, that before half of you were even on this forum, instability was referred as what I am saying (how often and more likely a yoyo will get a bad throw).

I am really getting pissed off at this forum lately. A lot of people act like they are a mod. They think they know everything about the forum and start making rules up and making people feel like crap. You guys also keep complaining about things that “annoy” you. THEY ARE *'S FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! They hurt no one, they grab attention, and they do nothing to you! I also think the mods have been doing a not so good job lately, I mean, I love the mods they rock, but when you are locking threads where we are trying to have a conversation thinking we are going to argue, thats stupid. It’s a forum, we are supposed to discus/ argue our opinions. I understand no cussing people out because there are young kids here, but you are just trying playing hero too much. You guys have been making me mad for a long time, and thats why I am gonna leave the forum except for BST.

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[quote=“Cameron (and his yoyo),post:12,topic:18126”]
So what you’re saying is, you’re sick and tired of pretending to contribute to the board but you still want to leech the benefits of being a member?

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I’m saying you guys have changed everything this forum was about when you came and I have become tired of it. And your responses have only proved that your childish, immature, and think you are all that.

And I am not leeching any benefits of being a member, I don’t have to post anything to be able to use the BST, people do it all the time.

[quote=“Cameron (and his yoyo),post:15,topic:18126”]

no he is saying yoyoexpert sucks and yoyonation rules

[quote=“Cameron (and his yoyo),post:15,topic:18126”]

I wanted to just leave it at that and move on, but you decided to take it upon yourself to continuously accuse the people who have done nothing. If you want a response so badly, then I will give you one.

Point #1: This is the internet. We are not your friends. We won’t treat you like a baby because we assume you are better than that. If you say something stupid and wrong, we will inform you that it is stupid and wrong. If you try to convince people that vibe is the same as instability, we will inform you that you are, yes, stupid and wrong. Just because we don’t act like the kids in your profile picture and drape ourselves around each other and do peace signs does not mean we are bad people. It means we are strangers and we treat each other as such.

Point #2: You are a giant hypocrite. You preach things such as maturity and all-knowing despite the fact that you’re the more immature and ignorant person in the world. You threaten to leave the forum, expecting everybody to care because you think that we are (see point #1). You are one among a million, not out of a million. You act like you’re a professional, despite the fact that you’re still way at the beginning of your yoyoing “career”, if you can even call it that. Granted, I am not the best yoyoer in the world, but I am quite sure I am informed enough to define what an unstable yoyo is.

Point #3: You bash when you are being bashed. To make up for the fact that you have no idea what instability is, you randomly brought up how our admins are doing a bad job. They know what they are doing. They lock threads prematurely because they know they will end up horribly. They know that if the argument goes on too long, people will start acting like girls and threatening to leave the forums because they think that will tarnish the YYE reputation.

Point #4: The only one here trying to play hero is yourself. No, you don’t know all you think you do about yoyoing. No, you’re not as good as you think you are. No, people are not targeting you. And NO, there is no one here as immature as you are.

If you’re going to leave, then leave now. Don’t try to annoy us with empty threats and insults about how we’re nowhere compared to you.




Point 2. I am leaving the forum but every time I read the next response I have to respond explaining my point. Granted, I am not the best yoyoer in the world, but I am quite sure I am informed enough to define what an unstable yoyo is. I am basing my information on what was said more than a year ago. I am assuming there were 2 meanings to unstable or the person who told me the meaning had no clue what he was talking about.

Point 3. I just stated all the reasons why I decided to leave, and I understand the mods purposes, but lately they have been locking threads that I have been trying to have conversations in and that there was no argument happening in.

Point 4. The only one here trying to play hero is yourself. No, you don’t know all you think you do about yoyoing. No, you’re not as good as you think you are. No, people are not targeting you. And NO, there is no one here as immature as you are. I believe you took the playing hero the wrong way, because this makes no sense in the way I was putting it. And explain how I am playing hero?

Good bye, I might come back but until then I will only monitor and use the BST

Yo! It’s Matt and I are both in Cameron’s picture. But that doesn’t mean we agree with him on everything he says. We know what instability is. We know it’s not vibe. We don’t agree with Cameron at all, and were even talking about this thread and the fact that he was wrong. Just because one person is wrong, there is no need to offend others for it.

You ARE saying vibe is instability.

If you’ve spent a year, basically the whole time you’ve been yoyoing, thinking that vibe is instability, then I want to know what kind of rock you’ve been living under. Repeating what I say because you can’t muster up anything to say? Humorous. That definitely shows how mature you are.

This locking of threads is a complete lie. A quick search told me that in the past 3 months, there have been about 3 non-BST threads that were locked, all of which were either pointless or escalating into an argument.

I’m pretty sure that everybody else who read my message will understand what I meant in point #4. Everyone except you, that is.

In case you didn’t pick up on that, which you probably didn’t, I just called you an idiot.

Have fun monitoring.

And Samad, I merely meant that we weren’t going to act all buddy-buddy with people that we don’t even know. Especially if they’re wrong and do not admit so.