offstring starting

hi i want to start off string and im wondering whats a good offstring yoyo to start when your just learning some basic tricks?

Duncan Hayabusa, Shinwoo Griffin Wing, or YYJ Fiesta are all great 4A throws for both beginner and advanced players.

I would honestly suggest starting with something you already have. If you have a decent background in 1a, it might take a day or two at the most to be able to start catching the yoyo consistently. I started on a SpinMaster 2 (an older YYJ metal rimmed yoyo) and it took me about a day and a half to get there. If you have a responsive (or just narrow gapped) yoyo, try using that for a while. Then it’ll be that much easier when you get an actual 4a yoyo.

Hayabusa are the best. Do not buy the Soft Landing ones because it will not bounce high but instead roll on the floor. Why i said hayabusa are the best is because they use bolt and nut system. And when you are playing offstring you WILL drop the yoyo alot. And the axle might break after some time. And for the hayabusa, you cab easily change the axle by taking out the bolt and nut where as for the Fiesta or anything that use the axle and threads, the axle will be stuck and will be hard or impossible to take out when it breaks

I started on a hyabusa sl and was a great 4a player

Unless you’re doing 4a off of a roof or balcony or something ridiculous like that, the axle breaking is definitely not a likely happening.

ok so im thinking about the hayabusa to start 4a…is it also good for some intermediate-beggining advanced tricks for 1a?

I say a Hayabusa,since it is smaller, once you get a Fiesta (example) it will be much easier to catch it. Good choices would also be: FIESTA (LOVE IT), Big yo (bigger=easier catch zone), Griffin Wing (just because Mike likes it), or maybe a Zeekio Bird (Yoyosam. Ask England1414 bout it). Hope I helped!

Nope. We people in who plays HARDCORE OFFSTRING break axles. My friend has a Fiesta which he broke the axle and the axle is stuck so it is beyond repair.

What does “hardcore offstring” entail?

You can get the axle out. There are “drill bits” that you can get that are for removing screws when the heads are stripped (or totally removed).

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People who play hardcore offstring are also playing stupid offstring.

It’s not about throwing the yoyo high and not catching it to see if it can stand the hit, which is what I’m sure hardcore offstring entails.

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By hardcore offstring, i meant that somebody will play offstring every second and do those tricks which is very risky and it will make you yoyo drop alot. Look at Lim Aik Hwee.

So…somebody that does offstring. Big deal. I drop my 4a yoyos all the time. Never have I had an axle break. Did you mean what Q said: throwing the yoyo really high in the air and all that stuff?

No. Normal play will also have axle breakage. But it will be after quite a long time

That probably should have been stated before, would have save everyone some confusion.

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