Well i have been wanting to try offstring and my yoyo hasnt come in yet so i have been thinking of using another yoyo like dm2 on carpet is this bad or ok?

I’m pretty crummy at 4A but my advice is to wait. Learning 4A with a metal rimmed yoyo indoors sounds like something I will be watching on America’s Funniest Home Videos one day.

I wouldn’t do that if i were you for various reasons:

A: I tried it with a northstar and could not get it back for the life of me (too unresponsive so the DMII should be as well i’m sure)

B: It’s part metal, if you miss your going to break a lot of stuff in your house, it’d be just fine outside on some grass

C: Having a large, long spinning yo yo that is somewhat responsive is ideal for offstring (at least for me) so if I were in your situation i’d just buy a hayabusa, fiesta xx or wait for the yyj go big (it’s going
to be so sick!)

Just some advice from what i’ve done in the past hope it helps!

it works just fine,if you practice alot on a smaller yoyo,when you get your offstring yoyo in the mail
it will seem less hard.

i broke glass with a fiesta. doesnt matter if its metal or plastic or rubber. itll still break stuffs.

if you have the cash to replace the dm, or you couldnt care less, go for it. worlds was won with a dm at one point correct? (also, in operation dm2, andre uses the dm in offstring)

oh, well you decide. I don’t have a dm2 so i wasn’t sure if it would work because unresponsive yo yo’s never worked for me for offstring.

The tutorial video says to do it somewhere where you aren’t going to break stuff, like, outside. That’s how I’m gonna start when I start tying 4A: OUTSIDE.

US nationals 2004 4a champion. Dark magics, it can be done, although I dont know if I would want to use for a beginner…

I started 4a with a phenomizm with a slim bearing…
I just threw it into a pile of pillows to avoid in from rolling off and breaking stuff, and to avoid damaging it.

i say go for it… i started 4a with a bvm and a buddha king, both of which turned out ok

i think ill wait thanks

DM2 will work fine with the small bearing.

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I started with and still am using the Fiesta. I started by throwing it towards the closet with a pile of clothes or pillows on the back wall. I’m still not the best right now, but I do take it downstairs when my roommate isn’t home and throw it around. We are bachelors so not many breakables around. It’s nice to have room for it. I just don’t want the neighbors to see me outside and the thing still tends to get away from me. Anyway back to subject, I wouldn’t use a DM I got one as an add-on in a trade that was used for 4A and the rims are all messed up and kinda sharp. You’ll turn the thing into a buzz saw if it gets near the pavement.

to bring it up use the narrow bearing thats how andre plays i asked him the narrow bearing is a large enought gap and will give tight binds

I learned all my 4a basics on a protostar it’s just hard to bind. You can defentally learn your throws and catches on the dm til your 4a throw comes in. You’ll be way more consistent once u get good on a smaller throw.

I tried using a cheap metal outside for 4a, but it got dinged and got a bunch of grass stains that I couldn’t get rid of. It was good practice though, and everything was super easy when I got my BigYo.