first offstring yoyo

okay so im looking into trying a bit of off string yoyoing whats a good beginner yoyo for offstring?

Go and get yourself a Fiesta XX by YYJ.

I know that many of the comments that follow will also tell you the same. It’s amazing.

thanks for the quick reply! looks like i may be ordering that one soon! what about counterwight? will my dm2 work good for that?


If you are willing to spend a little extra… The Shinwoo ProWing is an amazing 4A throw. Delrin rocks!

DM2 is a great counterweight yoyo.

Make sure you get a rubber ball counter weight to start off with. Will save you a lot of knuckle pain.

the Fiesta XX is a great 4a yoyo. very durable.

and the DM2 is great for counterweight.
if you think it may be a bit too heavy. just pop out the side caps to make it lighter.
it’ll feel totally different, but in a good way!

i have the caps out on my dm cause i love thumb grinding and whatnot so ill order some new string and a rubber ball weight and a fiesta is it just normal string for offstring?

Meh, I wouldn’t recommend a nice Delrin throw to begin 4a. The Fiesta plays just as good (and better then some of my expensive delrin throws) for 20 bucks. There are some really nicer Delrin throws out there though. I love my C3 Solar, but it’s a bit too grabby.

i know its made for offstring i was talking about counterweight for my dark magic. and for 20 bucks for the fiesta to find out if its my style or not sounds good to me haha

Ok. I don’t understand your question but sure.

Go Big,Fiesta XX, cant go wrong with either

Normal poly will work fine for offstring.

fiesta xx or go big for 4A, and id say a protostar for 5A.

Fiesta is one of the best, if your looking for something easier to catch a Big Yo is good, a Fiesta is also good.

But if your into doing Ben Conde style and less risk of breaking your yoyo, get a Go Big. It has rubber rings and a small gap for doing the tricks on this site :).

Overall a Bigyo a Fiesta XX or Go Big. All about what to plan on doing :).