How do you learn an offstring throw without wrecking your house??

I had a couch in front of me and plenty of room behind me with different obstacles between the yoyo and the wall so if it did hit the wall it wasn’t going very fast.

If you do an off throw, take a 2-liter soda bottle and wack it like a baseball. Not too hard, or your wall will have a yoyo indent in it. I did it before. Try landing the yoyo on the bottle so it does like a bottle grind.

I learned buy just standing in front of a lazy chair ;D. It works great! Later.

Keep it spinning™

Try hanging a thick blanket or a large beach towel from the ceiling. The best place to do this is probably on a doorway.

Then just aim at it while practicing. Just make sure there aren’t any breakable things behind it and make sure that it’s not directly in front of a window or wall. :wink:

outback…where there is grass