Which yoyo do you use outside? Why?

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Aurora Borealis NorthStar

When I first started yoyoing I would use any yoyo I own outside. I wasn’t as careful back then. Dings, scrapes, scuffs happened constantly. I then decided that I wanted to be more careful with my yoyos. I shortened my string. I started watching the surfaces I played over. After a while, I noticed I was only throwing indoors. So I tried to sort through my collection to see which yoyos I wouldn’t mind throwing outside. At first I chose my favorite metal yoyo. Then it got dinged. Then I felt kinda sad. So I changed my strategy. I decided to use plastics. This works for me. I had a couple protostars, a classic, and a D5 if I wanted to go delrin. I would use a different one each day. They only drag was that I preferred the color ways of my metals. Then I was given the Aurora Borealis NorthStar. It is the best looking plastic I’ve ever seen. Plus the performance is great. It’s completely smooth and has some decent heft to it.

Which yoyo do you use outside? Why?


KLR cuz’ it’s my beater.


Started with and then never left the “any of them, anywhere, any time” phase. :wink:

Most of my time to play yoyo happens when I’m oat and aboat… so to log time on favourite yoyos, I just bring’em with me. I don’t get TOOooo many dings too often.


Everything but my Sleipnir (still gets dinged) gets played outside over concrete.




I usually use one of my Hyperions. It kinda forces me to actually ‘pay attention’ to exactly what I am doing.


I’m glad you are enjoying the Northstar. It’s my favorite plastic with a metal ring. I like the shape, size, and the heft. It’s funny you posted this, because I rarely throw outside, but I should. I have a nice lawn of throw space outside, and the weather has been so nice too, so there is no excuse really.

When I throw outside, I think I’ll throw my Ricochet. It plays great, it’s smooth, somewhat pocket sized, and ultra durable. I wouldn’t worry about it smacking the pavement. I have a patio near the grass, so I’d throw on either. My “beater” Ricochet is raw and polished, so it will be all “bling bling” and shiny, when the sun hits it, and the neighbors will be jealous. :wink:



^ This. I’m not really one to be bothered by dings so I just throw whatever I feel like at the time. That being said I can’t remember the last time I actually dinged a throw, I tend to use pretty short string so it’s not a very common occurence.

However, I live the the UK, so throwing outside usually means getting very cold hands, battling the wind or getting drenched… so it’s not that frequent of an issue. :stuck_out_tongue:


There’s nothing in my collection that I haven’t thrown outside (even the Mg) but I’m very careful with my Bass Line 2 because a ding in that soft-touch charcoal blast would ruin it for me.


Irony jp since I bought it already beaten.

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Pretty much anything but I usually throw over grass when I’m outside.


Movitation. I bought a semi-beat one with a lot of damage, but it plays amazingly, so I’m not scared to ding it although I dont ding throws too much anyway… I only ding throws I dont want to, it seems.


I don’t have any yoyos that I don’t play outside. I also don’t think any of my yoyos are mint, but I’ll have to go check. If I find any mint ones I’ll be sure to start playing those outside more often. :stuck_out_tongue:


When I go out I don’t normally bring a yoyo, because they feel awkward in my pocket and I never get a chance to throw anyways. But I’m not afraid to bring anything outside, I only ding my throws when I’m not paying attention.


Nothing. Why yoyo outside when you have perfectly good temperature and no humidity inside?

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I like the way string looks outside. They just radiate. :slight_smile:

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Semi beat WITH a lot of damage? lol


Honestly ill bring anything outside…maybe not at first when i receive my nice new metal but a few days later when I’m used to the play…the yoyo will go with me anywhere i want. its a waste to limit some throws due to worries…play safe and have fun!


I have digned my Bass Line 2 about 5 times on metal objects and so far I still have to search to find the damage so it is very durable in my experience so far. I haven’t hit any sharp rocks or concrete yet though. I also have a splash though which hides the damage better than solids do so that may be part of it.


a beater 2013 superstar!