daily throws

I have thought of a few plastic throws for me to bring around daily which is north star, regen , and crazy d which is the best

The one you can find when it’s time to leave the house. :wink:

Get one of those if you think you will enjoy throwing it while you’re out and about. Otherwise, there’s no law against using a metal yoyo… one you own, or one you buy (YYO and YYF make great choices at good prices!) for the purpose.

When I go around, I either bring a plastic or a yoyo I don’t really care for. These include but are not limited to a Regen, ProtoStar, Dulce, and Genesis.

When I go around, I always bring a yoyo I’d LOVE to be playing. Otherwise what’s the point?

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Ditto Greg. I don’t worry about budget when walking out of the house, just comfortability. Whether it’s my nickel OneDrop Caferacer I picked up on the BST for $40 in one pocket with a $10 Fixie in the other or my Shipwreck and Fidalgo…Which I don’t want to admit the value of those two (otherwise my wallet might get hurt feelings again), I just want to be sure that the throws are fitting how I feel on that given day.

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Regen or Crazy-D

Although I don’t think it’s as much of a problem these days the northstar cracking can be annoying. I personally find the shape of the Crazy-D a lot more comfortable and casual as a daily carry which is why it’s one of the few yoyos I’ve kept in my collection.

I personally go for the diffusion 2 for this purpose.

I bring whatever I feel like that day, iv gotten over caring about dings, and don’t really hit much anymore, so often I’ll have a more expensive yoyo with me