everyday throws..?

What throws do you carry on you when your out walking around or doing whatever? I usually carry my protostar, (can ding it w/out caring), my 54 (always) and an undersized, usually my campfire or marmot. Am I the only one that carries around two or three throws? Lol

Ministar, DIETZ, yyf one for people to try out.


It’s metal and cheap plus I can do everything with it.

YYJ HM or Journey, and a BC Classic, sometimes a Raider.

DM2 for me and a ONE for others to try.

Then, there’s the third… it varies. Gnarwal, BVM, PGM, WHIP, those seem to go out the most.

If I’m inline skating, it’s plastic all the way so far: PGM, WHIP, ONE.

I’m ordering the larger YYE bag. Holds 4 throws. Not too big, not too small, and a place in the bag for goodies. Can’t wait to order it!
(Next week…)

Varys. I have different throws for each day of the week. But i recently got a hitman and popstar, so u can guess what youll see me throwin

Yea the only one that’s made the every day cut is my 54. If I’m out, I got my 54, my sasquatch is working its way up tho. It’s cool cause w/ my 54 and my side effects its like I got four throws. I keep a spare side effect in my wallet.

I’d say every day I throw my Essence and gnarwhal at least once. My wooly marmot used to be up there but I seem to be throwing it a little less now.

I have an Avalanche on me most times and an ILYY TRVTH in my front right pocket no matter where I am.

Mini-Star and 4XL Groove

I always have my yuuksta on me along with a grind machine.
And sometimes a stage ball in my lower pocket

considering i only have one yoyo i throw the same yoyo everyday; the yoyomamma onyx

You need more yoyos. ;D (Not really.)

Yeah I’ve found myself collecting yoyos. I love em all! Spent way too much on them…

My werrd irony, got it in a trade maby a week ago and haven’t put it down.

throw what you love. I always have my favorite in my pocket unless im goin out hard.

If I go for a short trip I usally brought 1 yoyo either Yuuksta or HM pro, if I go for a long trip I brought both

Least of the time, random.
Most of the time, Genesis.

My Popstar practically lives in my pocket as I barely notice that it’s even there. Feels pocket Yup, popstar’s still sitting there, forgot I had it in there :slight_smile:

Either my Dingo or X-convict