Street throws

I don’t know about you guys but I always have a throw on me when I go out. Right now my throw choice for going places is the code 2. What are your guy’s favorites?


What ever I grab off the shelf. Normaly a yoyo with fresh reponse and string. :wink:




Dv888, my beater. I don’t risk my good throws out in the wild!

Usually my beater Code 1, or my beater Dang

Anything that catches my eye that day.

My Dark Magic II because I know that I am going to buy a new throw at Cal States :stuck_out_tongue:

My pink PSG.
that thing can take a beating.

I’d hate to try and fit that in my pocket and walk around normally all day lol

I used to, actually. But my dad finally made me an epic holster and now I don’t have to kill my upper thigh every time I sit down. :wink:

A yyf velocity or yoyoskeel satisfaction. most of the time is the latter one.

usually bring plastics out,dont wanna hurt the metals!

Currently my dietz

I bring whatever I feel like for that day. Brand new metals included. I’ll still huck’em around over concrete. :wink:

That is also one of my favorites to take out.

I usually bring fixed axle throws: baldwin, wooden butterfly, or a profly. Don’t wanna risk the metals. I keep a whip in my whip bit I should carry strings too arghh!!