Daily throw

How do you determine what you are going throw for the day? I have a bunch of them sitting around I never use. I find myself grabbing the Sasquatch, top deck, and 2evil the most. I have some sweet throws I never touch and feel they need some love.

I just choose what I feel like throwing, but I make sure all of my yoyos get thrown.

It’s a sick cycle, keep buying them but rarely use. I have a yyj trigger I’ve thrown for probably 30 mins total

Get a dice and assign a number for each yoyo accordingly.
Roll that bad boy, enjoy today’s flavor!
Thats what i do with all my lil Caribous

If I have yoyos that never get thrown, those are the ones that get put up on my BST.
To the actual question:
I just choose what feels right for the day. Normally it’s my metal replay.

I have some that I don’t throw at all like a wooden yoyo, Duncan Butterfly and Butterfly XT. I would sell the ones you don’t like or don’t throw, or keep em for your collection.

Generally I roll out with a $45 throw, (usually a Shutter), here’s why.

I have a small but growing collection. I have a few > $120 BiMetals, I have a few plastics in there (DM2, Replay Pro), but most of my throws are between $40-$80.

It’s common for people to come up and ask me about the hobby if they see me messing around with my Yoyo. It’s also common for them to ask questions about cost(s), etc.

If I’m throwing an expensive BiMetal, it’s often assumed by them (despite my explanations) that you need to spend ~$100 to do cool looking tricks. Like the motto says… Make the SIMPLE amazing. Right?

Also, with a $45 throw, I’m quick to let them try it out, and show them how to bind. I’m not worried about dings either from them, or myself while I’m mindlessly throwing throughout my days.

Cheap throws or ones ive got in trades they have been “preloved” lol that easy if they want to try no big deal when they hit the ground which almost always happens

My EDC yoyo’s are always plastic. I usually chose between my Big Dipper, Diffusion, or First Base, currently I keep grabbing my Diffusion. It’s just that good. I have a replay pro but I had a bad experience with it so it just sits in the case.

My EDC use to be a Replay Pro. But I’ve gone back to my Shutter.

By “EDC” or Every Day Carry, I mean the yoyo that goes in my backpack as I go to work. Or if I’m actually going backpacking in the mountains the EDC is what I carry there.

When I get home it’s usually my TOO HOT or Dogma.

I’m very similar, I carry one throw with me every single day and right now it’s my Czech Point, which I absolutely love. Handles everything I can throw at it and it feels perfect in my hand. I say to myself I will never find a YoYo I love more than this one for EDC, but I said that when I first got the Replay Pro also… So… Yeah…

I switch almost every day now…today the PopstAr is in the pocket and I was playing my scout at home. That may change this evening though!