Too nice to EDC? (Every Day Carry)

Alright… Is this something others experience (?) or am I in CrazyLand on this one?

I’m itching to buy the iYoYo FiRROX, I’m going to hit the purchase button, I’m sure, at my next moment of weakness. But here’s the thing… I have several other BiMetals and I don’t play them much. My EDC is usually a Shutter, Shudda, or the Horizon. Here’s why…

    • If I ding a $40 or $60 throw it’s no big deal. But my $120 throws I tend to use only indoors over carpet… and they’re all in mint condition.
    • It’s common for people to come up and ask me about the hobby… It’s also common for them to ask questions about cost(s), etc. If I’m throwing an expensive BiMetal, it’s often assumed by them (despite my explanations) that you need to spend ~$100 to do cool looking tricks.

So my question to the Yoyo masses it twofold.

1. - Is my inclination 'normal'?  Do you baby your most expensive throws?  Or do you carry them around as your EDC?  You guys with those awesome Titanium throws....  are they your EDC or do they get special treatment?

2. - In your opinion should I 'get over it' and put my BiMetals into circulation?  They play so so well....

It’s hard to justify another BiMetal purchase if I’m not using them more.

Really hoping to hear everyone’s opinion on this one.

I don’t buy yoyos if I’m scared to edc them. Just my opinion.

Truth… and not just your opinion. I will up the ante and say that I don’t buy a yo-yo that I am not willing to let a student throw.

I don’t always ding my expensive yo-yos, but when I do, I just throw them again! :wink:

Actually, the only damage that would really bother me is damage that ruins the yo-yo’s play… and I haven’t hit one that hard yet. ;D

I tend to only play my yoyos when I’m at home… So I don’t really have an EDC. If I do, I wouldn’t be bringing my bi-metals or expensive monometals yoyos.

Cheap or expensive, I take just about any yoyo with me. For a while my Firrox was my daily throw. Recently it’s not been getting as much love and when I pulled it out to play today, it reminded me how wonderful of a throw it is.

Long story short, get a Firrox, you’ll love it!

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I prefer not to use a bi-metal as an EDC just because a ding might dislodge a ring.

I’m fine using anything else though.

It’s been my experience that most folks who are relatively new to the world of high end metal yoyos experience ding-phobia. Sometimes it lasts for a few years, and then folks just “get over it,” as you said. And some folks, especially collectors and people who tend to trade and sell a lot, continue to experience their yoyos as something to protect and keep mint.

My own experience was that worrying about dings rather dramatically impacted my enjoyment of yoyoing. So I just got over it. I’ve also been known to enjoy walking the dog with metal yoyos on concrete … which, of course, really isn’t a big deal.

Honestly I have no EDC. I don’t just bring a yoyo or two and play them when I get the chance. When I go out to yoyo, I do have planned sessions for a couple minutes or hours. When I don’t plan anything, I don’t bring any yoyo anywhere.
Is it weird? because I actively go to contests and compete, yet I don’t yoyo ‘randomly’ in public.

This is something other people experience and you are in CrazyLand, because these are not mutually exclusive states.
If you want it, get it. You can always sell or trade it later. Or… Let someone else ding one and buy one later on the BST. Buying a yo-yo is always a little crazy, but that’s the deal with hobbies.

I yoyo at school randomly, but in korea yoyoing is a hobby for 6th graders…
But i usually carry my nightmare and a mighty flea XD. But i reaaaaaallllllyy dont like other people using my nightmare cuz they usually dont know how to yoyo and dont know how long the string is.
All in all if its expensive, screw other people its mine and mine alone.

Same here! :joy:

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Zero fear to EDC whatever yoyo that I like throwing at the moment(day, week, month, whatever).

A yoyo is a toy and a tool. No different than a: bike, skateboard, baseball, tennis racket, etc…

You ride your bike on rough roads. Roll your skateboard over a multitude of messed up terrain. Smack your ball with a bat. Throw your baseball into the dirt. Scuff your tennis racket into the court on some low ground saves…

In the process of having fun with your equipment; you put signs of use on your equipment.

If you really like a yoyo but you are afraid to use it outside of your living room; than you are sure missing out on some fun, Ya think?

90 percent of my throw time is over concrete or asphalt. My EDC is a Luftverk Fulvia bi-metal. When I leave the house, it is with me.

You should carry any yoyo you are going to have fun with.

You should careful but not fearful.

…I knew a guy years ago that bought a Brand new 4 wheel drive truck… Fully loaded. That sucker had everything on it but vertical lift. He Never…(Never/ever)took it off road. He made a U turn one day because he didn’t want to drive it through some water puddles. He Always parked it in a garage. He wouldn’t park it at the Mall. He wouldn’t park in any Department store parking lot.

He sold it 3 years later almost to the day he bought it.

I asked him, ‘Why did you sell that beautiful truck’? He said, ‘Just got tired if it. It wasn’t any fun’.

What’s the point? He had something seriously fun. But he was afraid to actually have fun with it. So it poisoned his enthusiasm.

I would have bought that Sucker on a rainy day at a Dealership with a muddy parking lot and put ruts in the road on the way down the street!

That being said; I don’t go Krazy with my yoyos. I don’t grind them on the pavement. I always make sure the string is in good condition. I check my surroundings for enough space to throw with smacking something or somebody. I make sure the yoyo is tight before I power up. I roll it down the string first, before a crank a throw down to make sure it isn’t gonna visit my face unexpectedly.

But you just can’t be afraid to rock n roll, lol.

Your EDC should be an excellent playing yoyo; regardless of value.

If you are on a budget and you spent every spare dollar on one yoyo; so you live in fear of dinging it and ruining its resale value; you bought the wrong yoyo.

Your EDC should be the yoyo you have the most fun with.



Still overprotective after all these years of yoyoing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Kidding aside, I think the bike, skateboard, etc. analogies really capture the issue perfectly. Well said, Mo.

Piggy backing on the topic. Do most of y’all EDC and just take it and throw?? I find hands full with kids/dogs so I can’t just throw randomly. I’m gonna try to more often though!

Thank everyone all for the great feedback. I’ve only been throwing for just over a year now and I guess I still have things to figure out beyond (only) the mechanics of our tricks. Feedback from you vetrans is very helpful, I truly appreciate it.

Very, very well put yoyoDoc. Thanks.

Between the feedback here, and my desire to enjoy my more expansive Yoyos I have started carrying my Rave as an EDC for many of the reasons discussed above.

In related news, I ordered the FiRROX and I am looking forward to its arrival.
Thank you AngryGumball for the first-hand assessment of it’s performance (and the push) :smiley:

I like that, and I’m going to use that.

Yoyolazar As the thread implys I do EDC. Like you I’m often shuttling my kids, and am very busy with the aspects of real life. I find I greatly benefit from an EDC because inevitably I’m waiting for others (daughters Violin lessons, sons Boy Scouts meeting, forced shopping with the Wife) the EDC is a way for me to capitalize on that time that would otherwise be taken from me.

Also, I tend to arrive to appointments and meeting early (to prevent being late due to traffic…) The EDC is what I use when waiting for the scheduled time to start, or to wait for those that are late.

A conservative estimate is that I’m able to squeak ~4 hours extra time a week by always carrying a throw. As a person that’s new to the hobby, I’m always trying to learn my next 2-3 tricks, and this helps a lot.

It may be different for those that are already highly skilled and not (always) focused as much on advancement.

Bingo! Well said, yoyodoc!

I dont EDC my CLYW,tho,i think Dust does it?Not sure tho…They are art ,so…i wanna…you know

I edc clyw yoyos 50% of the time :wink:

Antoznik. That’s a great point! I keep one at my desk for the same reason. Never thought of using it during that downtown. Instead of reading YYE I might get better at using my yoyos! Hahahaha