My favorite place to throw is...

Tell us where your favorite place to throw is!

Everywere LOL;)

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i like taking my ipod and going out into the woods behind my house. For some reason throwin in nature is a lot of fun.

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In front of thousands. Aka “work”.

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In a park, in a shade, cause its hotter every year here. Otherwise at home. I never used to get sunburn until the last 3 years.

In da toilet brah

With my friends

with friends or while watching tv. possibly at school, depending on the crowd.

With my friends, in an obscure cool location. Like on top of some tall structure.

Anywhere at school I have to or else I get fidgety in class not fun that and I Yoyo everywhere at the store school a swim club we go to the park at a restaurant basically if I go my yoyos come

The more obscure and odd, the better.

Usually in pools, bathtubs, or under water fountains.

Wherever I feel like.

6-10 Inches behind my yoyo.

Or in front of my yoyo. I’m getting better.


Anywhere where my shed-a-thousand-pounds-of-fur dog isn’t. That stuff kills so many of my bearing T.T

Good Job!

On stage.

I lol’d.

Usually I yoyo in my living room. But probably my favorite place is deep in the wooded area near my house. It’s extremely hilly and incredibly serene.

Wow we have a giant field in our backyard that’s good too



Anywhere that I am able to.