What is YOUR favorite place...?

Question is, where is your favorite place to throw? Not like for videos, contests, or talent shows, but just like casually to practice and have fun just throwing. Your room? Outside? Park? Front yard? Back yard?
Just name it. I’m curious to know where we all throw. :slight_smile:
I prefer the kitchen, when no one is in there or cooking, of course :stuck_out_tongue:

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My room and outside.

On my spaceship. And on my pet sasquatxhes back. And at my mental hospital. Oh yeah, then there’s my living room.

my room and outside when its cold

my living room, outside, and the supermarket

the rosen plaza hotel


in my computer room

Back yard.

My preferred place in in the house, but it’s in a room where the kids seem to think walking into my very limited area within that room is the ideal place to randomly run through. I also gotta compete with my pugs, who give me dirty looks and demand attention and won’t get out of the way.

Outdoors, my front yard isn’t really big enough due to where the tree is. My backyard, well, that’s got some potential, but I’m trying to adjust the spinklers because right now it’s way too muddy. My back patio isn’t an option because the patio cover is shorter than the indoor ceiling so I don’t feel safe doing certain things out there.


My back porch, living room, and my room.

at a state fair or wal-mart



If it wasn’t for the Florida humidity, it would most definitely be anywhere outside.

But for now, my room.

My yoyo gallery of course. Or just my bedroom.

basement or studio room

both have thick soft carpet just incase

do a lot of slack and whip tricks

also recently got that yyf 6 foot string that stuff is sick (and dangerous)