I feel like, on this forum, all we really care about is someone asking what yoyo to get, preference, yelling about grammar, and worrying about different types of lube.

I want you to tell me about yoyos. I want you to tell my why you like yoyos, and why you like to play with them. I want you to think, and put into words the inexpressible feeling you get from yoyoing. Do you do it for contests? To collect? For pride? Friends? Sponsorship? Fame?


I don’t like yoyos, and i don’t like to play with them. I get frustration when I play them. They burn a hole in my wallet. I do it for fun, because I enjoy yoyoing, and I like to do what I love.

That made sense. And if it didn’t, I think you should re-read this.

I like yoyos because they give me happiness and joy. I love the constant numbness on my middle finger. Its amazing to learn new tricks and meet new people at contests and yoyo forums. The yoyos I see are awesome. But, they are VERY pricey. Even my cat likes my yoyos! I really love spending money for pain in my hands on a very tough bind. You guys should never stop yoyoing. If you did, you would have wasted thousands of dollars.

I love to yoyo because it is something that not many people can do. It’s fun to tell people that I yoyo and see the funny look on their face while they think, “Hmm. This guy is weird.” Then I show them some tricks and they think, “Wow. That’s pretty cool.” I really don’t like buying yoyos. It’s fun to trade them around sometimes but for the most part I don’t really find it too enjoyable. I mainly still yoyo so that I can help other people out and so that I can spend time having fun, learning that new trick so I can show it to other people.

I love to yo-yo because it makes me one of the most Unique people in the city. Adults love it and little kids too. I want to be the first one in my city to ever go pro to what they think is a little toy. Also, it’s better than watching TV.

I like yoyoing becouse i can do what i what with my yoyo

Yo-yoing gives me something interesting to do. It is interesting since it is unique and there are an endless amount of things/tricks you can do with it. I also enjoy taking part in the forums and interacting with the community.

I like meets contests and meeting new people.
Oh, I also like making up new concepts and innovating…

One word. Fun!