things you love (and don't love so much) about yoyoing

write about things you love (and dont love so much) about throwing.
Love: getting new throws, learning new tricks
Don’t love: string burn, knots
what do you have to say?

Don’t love the frustration of trying to learn a new trick.
Love the feeling when a trick just all of a sudden just clicks in your head.

Love it to yoyo, especially when hang out with friends. And get a new throw of course.
Don’t really love it when… Wait, let me think about it some more…

Love: making tricks that are actually legit.
Hate: yoyoing

I love

Playing for fun
Playing seriously
Landing that trick
Missing that trick
Getting knots
Getting cool yoyos
Passing on cool yoyos
Knitted Yoyo Cozies
Hanging out with friends
Meeting new friends
Being admired
Being ignored
The feel of new string
A comfy beadblast
The feel of an old string
Making string balls
Collecting shiny things
Mint yoyos
Dinging mint yoyos
Being different
D Bearings
Enjoying yoyos other people can’t stand
Fresh response
Fresh ideas
Returning to old ideas
Realizing they are all great
Looking forward
Looking back
Making it a lifestyle that stays with you forever.


I love (to copy the style of Patrick!)…
Hanging out with yo-yo people because they’re awesome
Talking about yo-yos
learning a new trick
Getting new yo-yos
Playing with my old favorites
Reading reviews for yo-yos (it’s become a nightly routine now…)
Watching cool videos people make
Seeing little kids yo-yo
The little boxes some yo-yos come in
Little yo-yos
Drawing/designing yo-yos
Yo-yoing to music
Wooden yo-yos
Goofy tricks for fun
Walking the dog
Painting yo-yos
yo-yoing outside

I’ll stop for now… :smiley:

I love walking around in public at the local mall, beach, college, etc… and yoyoing just for the fun of it. People might think you’re weird or really cool, but all that matters is that it’s fun as can be. It’s amazing how much of your surroundings you will tune out because you’re focused on finishing your freestyle! haha

Love just the quiet serenity when you throw so smoothly.
Hate when I get a serious knot and when the string catches and the yoyo slams my knuckles.

the way my yoyo running down my arm when grinding
learning new tricks
bad binds

Practically everything about yoyoing.


I love the opportunities to travel and meet people
make new friends
challenge myself
collect nice items

I love everything about it.

The only thing I hate is yoyoing in humidity. I live in FL and it’s so bad outside sometimes (though this time of year gets better) that I just can’t yoyo outside without a glove.

I love yoyoing, I’ll take it any way it comes

this is touching, no joke

I love:
Getting a new yoyo
Unboxing that new yoyo
The feeling of breaking in a new yoyo

I hate:
Waiting for the new yoyo
Realizing the yoyo was a lot smaller than you thought (happens every time with me lol)
The early snags that busts your knuckles
Dinging your beloved new yoyo

Love: enjoy the shining of my yoyo.

     Fancy some yoyo of my own design through my yoyo.

Hate:get ding for the first time

    Hard to buy a yoyo abroad

it’s funny. I didn’t think anyone else realizes that the yoyo is smaller than it looked in pictures. when I got my MD a long time ago I opened it up and i’m like “…oh…” then i got into the world of undersizes and now it’s just the same thing :smiley:

I love that I can just go to a quiet place, turn on my ipod, and get completely lost in my yoyo.


Loves: All of it

Not-Loves: None of it

And, more specifically, there’s nothing quite like the feeling of an exceptionally satisfying bind.