I love it when...

I’ve decided to take a fellow members advice (hadoq) and make a thread like this,

1.when someone picks up my unresponsive yoyo and trys to get it to come back with a tug.
2. when I teach a complete stranger to succesfully bind a yoyo their trying out
3. when I hit the wrong string during a complex trick or some other mistake and the guy watching still says “that was sick”
4. when I pull off triple suicide with one hand (barely happens)
5. when my co-worker beat raps about yoyos (cause I yoyo during my breaks)

feel free to add on

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  1. people ask me to walk the dog.

I would have to say:

  1. When you introduce a new member to the toy/sport/hobby, and
  2. when someone gets inspired by you.
  1. When I hear the sound of yoyo;s spinning.

When I’m among you all.

  1. when someone asks me if they can play with one of my yoyos.

  2. I get a new yoyo in the mail

  3. meeting new people at contests and meets.

I love it when someone wants to know what it feels like to have a yoyo grind up your arm. It’s so fun to watch their face light up when I grind the yoyo up their arm.

Same thing with doing a trapeze with their finger or catching a brent stole on their finger.

I like yoyoing when I am with my friends
They can’t do the tricks but they like to pretends

I like throwing many types of throws
I let my mind wander and my tricks they goes and goes

Boom de yada
Boom de yada

Boom de yada
Boom de yada

When I accidentally do something cool, or finally do a trick I’ve been practicing right.
When someone takes time out of their day to teach me something.
Little kids thinks it’s cool.
When my brothers like to look at pictures of yo-yos with me.
I find a new song that’s awesome to throw to.
I’m having a bad day but playing with a yo-yo can change that.
Throwing turns into some kind of obnoxious “battle.”
I don’t have to turn down a guy because he’s already freaked out.

thanks man ^^

I love it when someone takes my advice, makes me feel less of a jerk ;D
I definitely love the kids thing
I love it when someone sees my yoyo and asks to try it
when I watch my latest footage and find out that the next video’s gonna be awesome (like the EYYM one I’m working on right now for example)
when at each of our meetings, there are more and more people coming
when I open the mailbox and there’s a package for me!
I love it when we’re in a group with friend who know me and others who don’t, and it’s usually my friends who bring up the fact that I throw
Whenever I meet a fellow thrower, I know he/she’s a nice guy/gal
how we deny how “nerdy” we all are, because, really, yoyo looks so cool, but we all love star wars and firefly, right?..
how I wanted to get a PS3 and got a yoyo instead, preventing me to have all my info hacked last week
the trapeze trick is also awesome on someone else’s finger (I actually did on some mime’s cane at EYYM with a whole crowd watching, got it on tape too!)
I love it when I see a cutie throwing, we need more girls!

love you guys and gals!

so this happened to me just today…I love it when your at work doing your thing and a customer who happens to see you yoyoing a few days ago points and calls out “hey!! its the yoyo guy!! Show us a trick!!” and you look at your manager and he just nods in agreement…lol it was a spice of awesome on my day

P.S. I agree with hadoq on his last statement, we should have a “introduce a woman to yoyoing day”

Never think of saying this. . But i know that this is so true. . . .


I land a new trick on the first try.
I land a new trick on the first try without looking like a fool.

ooh. beer chat time skip?

Quick question: what is that from?

I love when I’m at school and am asked to give a demo and to the people watching they are just as impressed with a barrel roll combo as they are with an and what combo

When people say that its not a real yoyo, because it ‘doesn’t come back up’ and I just double or triple rap around the bearing to make it responsive and they think I just divided by zero

When I get a knot, I act fast and start looping and their mind falls out of there ear

i love it when people are interested in throwing

I love how much i love my dm2. BEAT UPNESS

Yes more girls. Where I am I’m the only one that I know of. Not that all the guys at the yo-yo club aren’t cool, but it would be nice to have another girl around. :slight_smile: