Don't know if I should......


Be laughing or crying. I was doing a trick that involved throwing the Yoyo around my head and as the Yoyo came around I overestimated and it flew into my mouth. My brand new wires on my braces put 2 light scratches in my HH Cliff. Kind of weird, right?

Share your weird “how I damaged my Yoyo” stories of sorrow.


Haha! I really LOL’d on that one. Post pics.

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If the scratches can’t be felt just laugh it off. You’ll never forget how they got there :slight_smile:

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More Vague Topic


The scratches are basically invisible, it’s just a good memory now! Share your stories everyone!


Those vague titles…

are infectious.


We need to stop the spread.


As long as your teeth aren’t dangling from the wires then I think you can laugh that one off.


kill the source.

And to the op. that does not sound like fun.


I was just about to say that…no jokes… :o


Woah guys…


Don’t worry, you’re not the source ;D

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Always yoyo vs. watch crystal.
Being an enthusiast of both collecting watches and yoyo’s puts me at a disadvantage for having both things mint.

Always have beaters, rarer things go in the case.


Yeah, rings and watches are the enemy of mint yoyos.


Especially wedding bands… Moral of the story? Don’t get married.

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A few months ago, one of the guys posted about a problem he had/has(?) regarding his wife not like the idea of him taking off his wedding band. Seems his wedding band and his higher end yoyos do not get along, so to speak. And he doesn’t want to smack the crap out his metals by making contact with his wedding ring.
I guess it is some kinda sin to take off a wedding band for any logical reason: swimming, weightlifting, martial arts, etc, uh and yoing, haha.

If taking the ring off would spaz out his wife, he could always just wrap about 3 layers of Cohesive medical tape around the band so there would at least be no metal to metal contact.

But that doesn’t hold a candle(problem wise) to getting a Cliff right in the Chops!

Yoyo safety rule number one or close to it>>>>>>> NEVER yoyo with your mouth open or while smiling with your teeth showing, period.

You can always get more teeth. But there is just something Totally Cool about Real Teeth.

Just think of yoyoing as a ‘controlled rock fight’. You literally have a Rock flying around on the end of a string. At any second, something funny happens and, Bamn! Ya just got Stoned!

Sh,t happens. But some of it can be minimized with Awareness… When you get Clubbed by your yoyo, you don’t have much or any warning.



I was yoyoing outside, and it started hailing.

My lyn fury is kinda scuffed now




I was trying 5A, I binded and my yoyo flew and hit to the wall. Only a few scraches on the yoyo.

Another one is this: I did a pull stara and one of the stacks came off with bearing. Turns out that I broke the plastic O-Ring. Now I’m playing with one stack and it doesn’t vibe.