Something Awesome Happened

So I had a fantastic day yesterday, mainly because my friend organized a free music concert at his collage, and he invited me and some others to go. It was very fun, hanging out my friends, listening to music, and just having an overall good time, but what topped it off. Before the last band was about to play, a local metal band called Ocean Walker, I was yoyoing in the back corner of the room. As I was doing my tricks around my friend, the lead singer of the band walked up to me and asked if he could try my yoyo. I said yes and gave it to him, but to my surprise, he was a yoyoer and he started doing some tricks. We were talking about yoyos before he went on stage and it was just really cool, and shows that fellow yoyoers could be anywhere. That really topped off my night, and I hope we could meet again sometime.

When you least expect it, right? :wink:

Yeah I’ve been to a few music events and ran into some random yoyo/skill toy players. It truly makes my day when I meet another yoyoer on the street.

I’m more amazed that it was the lead singer of the band, but that was the first time I met a fellow thrower like that.

Very cool! How good was he? ;D

He was pretty good. Probably around advanced. When I did 2A he bowed and said he wasn’t worthy. XD
He was a really nice guy though.