What are YOU doing to spread the sport of yoyoing?

As we all know, yoyos have evolved VERY much in the past few years. But only a handfull of us actually know the true meaning of the sport, not just rock the baby and walk the dog, but the big tricks these days: the complicated string tricks we do everyday. Sometimes we get spectators (depending on if you yo in public [which I see no offence in]) who have never seen this kind of stuff before and think, simply put: " :open_mouth: " It amazes these people because they have never seen it before. The way I felt about yoyoing when I saw it on youtube was “ya know, i think i could do this!” Now I can do it and want even more! Which brings me to the subject :P… Nobody I know, or have ever seen in person, yoyos. And I would like EVERYONE TO KNOW!!! Its a great sport and deserves much more attention than it gets. I would like all who read this to at least get 1 person interested in this. Get this this person to get a basic mosquito or something from a general store or from some kind of toy store, and show them that its fun as nobody’s buissness!! :wink: -Eric

I help my neighbour now and again, he has a NED Cosmic Spin,

he learnt breakaway and nearly trapeze, he is 10,

the way I got into yoyoing was finding a Power yo and wanting to learn trapeze and then it broke so I bought a DM

Well there was talk about a Norwegian yoyo meet, but we found out that with the spread of people and insane fees on Norwegian public transportation, we would end up with like, 3 people.

Everyone hates yoyo’s in my school but I’ll try and impress them with my tricks and teach them a few. :-\

well I’m in the dessert and the people i work with me are stuck with me 12 hours a day everyday so i managed to teach two people how to bind, and 1 of them managed to stay intrested long enough for me to teach them braintwister, trapeze, and atomic bomb i was proud of my young grasshopper but he didnt want to dish out 9 bucks to get a good unresponsive yoyo for himself, but if he keeps on with it I might give him my protostar but I have to see that he realy has a passion for the game first before i go doin’ that.

One of my best friends is just starting, using a YYJ Journey. Also my other friend just got a YYJ Journey also.

yoyoing in public helps.

I yoyo pretty much every where I go. The store, the mall, in the driveway, at church and even at work.
I also run the ok meet and run two different competitions. OK states And the South Central Regionals.

Also set up shows in front of a bunch cub scouts.

every little bit helps guys!! :wink:

i yoyo everywhere i go, i always bring one with me.

and sometimes, i do yoyo demo for some brand.

i was just yoyoing at home depot and lowes

My yoyo skill crept up on my little brother this summer and I got the “wow” treatment from a 7 year old… Since then he’s gotten a velocity and is doing intermediate tricks …

Other than that I just show off when ever I go to skool or walmart or something … Lead by example.

OMG A -> 7 <- year old? intermediate? :o

My friends and I are starting a yoyo club. we have yet to decide what to do in it, but im hoping to have it up and running next summer! :slight_smile:

Yup… I think he is interested because I showed him the grant Johnson videos and he wants to be like that…

He gets more attention doing brain twisters and barrel rolls than I do doing and what’s hourglasses and laceration variations( say that 10 times fast)

i got my friend into it after i gave him my DM and hes already better than me! I do miss the DM… I think Jensens video going crazy viral is really helping spread the word. Probably the best thing right now. 1 of the videos on youtube has over half a million hits already. Most of the comments are from people that dont throw, you can tell. Also i would give a lot of credit to college humor for putting it up and showing people even though they made fun of him…

I basically give anyone interested one of my old either plastics or plastic/metal rims. I have since moved on to full metals and even considering giving away my old chaotic or even my DV888 since I have 2 peaks, a wooly marmot, a Gnarwhal, and a ILYY Falcon. I also carry yo yos where ever I go. Always making sure to be playing when ever anyone might be watching.

I yoyo everywhere I go! Being an adult playing with a yoyo gets a decent amount of attention from people.

They actually stop to ask me about it! It’s nice for sure. I’m thinking about starting up a small club, but I don’t think I’m good enough myself to tutor other people yet! We shall see how it goes. Any Colorado peeps in North Denver that wanna hook up let me know!