I just thought that I should share

So I’m going to share with you this story. So yeah.

Anyways, my friend and I were at some weird party, and someone had found a video of someone yo-yoing and was showing it off to everyone and stuff. My friend and I were both fascinated by it, and we both happened to look up more yo-yoing stuff when we got home. So that is how both my friend and I started yo-yoing. Not so exciting. but the thing is, we were not very good. We we not that serious about it, and we were just around the early advanced section of YYE tutorials, but of course we were still known as the yo-yoing guys. At this point we were almost out of elementary school and into middle school. People were still fascinated, and a few of our friends decided to pick it up, but nobody really yo-yoed but us. When we got to middle school, we both sort of stopped. Of course we were very busy and stuff with our new school, so we never really had time for it, and we both kinda quit. that lasted for the whole year. Just this year, in eighth grade we picked it up again, and for some reason we both had magically gotten super good, and quickly progressed through the rest of the YYE tricks and on to our own.

This is where it got weird.
At some point, we went back to our old school for a visit. We were quite surprised. Yoyos everywhere. Everyone had a yoyo. It had become a fad. Somehow when we left, this guy who was a few years younger than us had still been entranced by it and had started doing it. and then so did everyone else. And I’m not talking about just like 2 dollar duncan yo-yos, they were high-end teals, some kids had even got CLYWs. and the most annoying this was that nobody was good. Literally everyone did it, but the only kid that had any real talent was the kid who had started the whole thing. It puzzles me still to this day, and to this day everyone at that school still yo-yos.

The nice thing though is that we have become freakin legends.


Why did it annoy you that nobody was any good?

It seemed to me like they were having fun, so it sounds like they were doing pretty good with a yoyo if you ask me.

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What bothers me is that nobody was any good, yet they would be buying metals over $100. It’s just one of my pet peeves.

It used to bother me when I taught someone how to yoyo and they went and bought an expensive metal, but on the flip-side it made me happy that I got more of my friends into yoyoing.

That’s awesome how a spark started from just one guy! I hope to see more people yoyoing in the near future.

Edit: 2 guys :wink: