YOu know how a yo-yo craze happens every 5-7 years. Last yo-yo craze I recall was in 05. Next year if there is one then everyone will yo-yo. Soon all the popular kids will get the credit of being the best and they forgot we did this way before they did! I mean won’t that be messed up! That’s High School and Middle School for ya!

~Spin On!

Hmm…I dont recall one in 2005…

Shhh, being dramatic! There was one at my city…

I think there is a curve in yoyo popularity but I think it varies in each area. I hope we have a yoyo craze… There was never one where I live since 2000 and it wasn’t much of a craze either.

my citys last yoyo boom was like yestermonth(I dont know if thats a word,lol).

I don’t recall there ever being a boom around these parts for as long as I have lived here.

My brother said he used to yo-yo, though, not that I remember any of that. It was just the little stuff, I think.

You have a brother?

Anyways, my school is on a Chinese yoyo craze, the PE teachers tought Chinese yoyo and yeah. Why can’t they teach american???

Well at least in carlsbad there was,and around oceanside too.Hope you can recocnize those city names.I know you live like two hours north of here but I thought there was a boom-ish thing up there too,but anyway everyone stopped yoyoing now and I get their yoyos for cheap prices!@lol

It got pretty big in 06.

Not really a boom but there was a lot of Television commercials and stuff.

So it was getting a lot of attention.


In 06 and 07 and almost got a big craze going, Lots of kids at my school had started yoyoing and i was helping them out with some tricks and theirs yoyos. But then it seemed like it almost died over the summer. I hope another big craze comes, that would be fun, to have lots of other people yoyoing.

We had one in 05 when John Narum took 1st, Thats when I got into yoing and got a Flying Panda from him :wink: Now yoyos are considered nerdy and lame.

well, I guess we are going through one! I started, then i never really showed many people, then like a whole bunch of little kids have them, and it is starting im middle school. i would laugh if i started it!

Nice stories guys, but what I’m saying is like Evan says

Now, when the yo-yo gets popular again then I predict that everybody will Start learning the beginner tricks and start challenging us. They do Walk the Dog, we do Ladder Escape. Guess who wins? The other guy does!

Once the yo-yo gets popular again, for those of us that go to school we will be forgotten and the other kids that have ridiculed us will take the credit of starting the trend and be claimed the best. They don’t know enough of this thing that they will think they know everything. Get it? To them Walk the dog is a super advance trick, they don’t think Ladder Escape is a trick. To us, my 2 yr old second cousin can walk the dog

~Spin On!

I havent been in a yoyo craze, but I was once in a chess craze
people all over school were playing chess
in chemistry class, during lab
at gym (i dont know how)
in the libraries
and after classes the cafeteria was filled with people,
it was madness, me and some friends listened to music, but we only had a psp with a breking benjamin album in it, so every time we hear their songs we want to play chess

it died off after 3 moths…

Id love a yoyo craze… I’ve never seen one… I havent met to many other yoyoers either. My friends love the yoyo. I hope I start a craze in my school. I’ve got friends in most social groups so if some one tries to take credit one of my friends would be like “What? Man Mitch showed me that trick months ago! Poser!” That would be cool. But its funny, I’ve gotten my yoyo taken away. And its always funny to have to explain that I carry a yoyo and its not a can of dip in my pocket.

If you have your yo-yo taken away just say
“It’s not a toy, it’s sports gear.”
“I am learning about Ancient Cultures through this yo-yo”

No, usualy its "Aww come on… Is not a phone or an mp3 player, its not a weapon… well not usualy :slight_smile: and its not drugs… There are kids in the locker rooms selling pills and your on me for a yoyo? " Then their just… “Well, dont do it again.” The one time it got taked away was because one teacher was in a real bad mood and was like “I dont care, its dangerous!” The disipline dude in the office asked to see a bunch of tricks. It was all cool.

I never got my yoyo taken away, but somehow I managed to get my 20-sided die taken away

Me to except it was out of curiosity by the teacher

D&D is awesome hope thats what you use ur D20 for

Oh. My assumption was for Magic: The Gathering.