How to promote yoyoing ?

Hey guys,
I just wanted to know how do you promote yoyoing ?
Because I really want more people to yoyo here in Switzerland

Just bring a yoyo with you where ever you go. Yoyo in your free time or to burn time in public. If somebody asks you to yoyo, do it! Bring a plastic, responsive yoyo with you to let other people try out and teach them. Get other people interested.


Yeah, just do this.
Another great way is to enter talent shows or host demos at your school/work.

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Ok thanks ;D

if i were you go to a mall have flyers a bout a yoyo club you made and teach kides how to do it

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This is an elaboration of something already stated.

When I throw in public it’s not in places like malls or those types of places so much. I like to throw in places like public parks. That way I have my larger bag available to me in my vehicle. In there I keep a wider variety of yoyos people can try if they wish, from Yomega Brains to less expensive unresponsive metal throws. And if they really show a strong enough interest I keep some Duncan Imperials, Mosquitos, and even some Bumble Bees new in their package to give away to people if I really think they would like to give this pastime a serious try.

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